Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spoilers 9/9

Spixie... Maxie and Spinelli continue down their unique road to romance, and Matt factors into the mix. Expect another Spinelli fantasy coming...

JoLu... Luke Returns Soon! Nikolas is not totally shocked when he learns Lulu killed Logan.Nikolas is more angry that Johnny didn't come to him for help but understands why he did what he did.Nikolas takes control of the situation and forms a new respect for Johnny.Nikolas does not share what he has learned with Lucky. Claudia pushes Nikolas too far when she insults not only Lulu, but Laura also.. Rumors say Lourdes ends up testifying at Johnny's trial..

Scrubs... There will be an AIDS-related complication when Robin and Patrick’s baby is born on October 29. Robin has a change of heart when she sees how short happiness can be.

MoB... Jason’s mob leadership will be tested as he, Karpov, Sonny and Anthony come together to face outside forces. Max and Milo’s dad comes to Port Charles and is furious to learn that his son is only a bodyguard, not the king pin. Plus, he had a thing for red heads and finds himself going after Max’s girl! Karpov confronts Jason about the men on the docks who were beat up. Jason goes into great detail, explaining how he beat them up, while making eye contact with Liz. Who is indeed hiding. She knows he is being graphic and she knows why. Only it does not work.

Wedding.... Carly tells Jason she desperately needs him with her at the wedding. Jason never makes it to the wedding. Jax does not go stag to the wedding. Carly's resentment grows when she realizes that the limo sex only destroyed her and Jax's relationship but that Sonny and Kate are still getting married. Could Jax be taking Olivia???

Drugs... Sam doesn't clue her mother in on Jerry's increasing advances, but she does confide in Lucky

LuSam... Lucky and Sam are rumored to have sex tomorrow.. Where?? Sam's couch. GV is shirtless, KM is in her bra... It will be a montage love scene.

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