Monday, September 15, 2008

Spoilers 9/15

Rick Hearst ... Rick Hearst had a few meetings and RiH does have an offer on the table but it has NOT been signed as of the end of last week. For storyline purposes he has tentatively agreed to stay on until the end of sweeps. The issue for him is storyline related. He wants more of a storyline, he isn’t looking to be a lead and is ok with the supporting role, but he does want a good storyline here and there. There are some contingencies for that because of other peoples contracts being negotiated and them staying or going could directly affect the kind of storyline they could do for RiH. The show would like to do more with the family side for Ric, but obviously MB and SM need to be around to explore that and those are a little up in the air. So there could potentially be some good stuff for RiH coming but there are some things it hinders on that are not solidified yet. He would like his character to go in the direction of Claudia, I’m assuming for a romance/pairing and of course that will depend on SBr sticking around as well.

Matt... Maxie visits Matt in the hospital. Patrick fills Matt in on exactly what kind of father Noah is.

Skate... Sonny takes Kate home after a brief check up at GH. Olivia has connections to the Mob.

CarJax... Jax is amused by the men Carly's online profile attracted.

J-lex... Alexis tells Jerry she has been 'playing' him along. Alexis catches Jerry and Sam in a compromising position. Alexis knows the Karpov / drug connection thanks to Lucky.

Liason... Jason sends Elizabeth a dress and a note to meet him at the safehouse wearing it. Jason voice to Liz that he actually loves her and the reason he is pushing her away is because he cannot bear the thought of losing her after Kate gets shot. Kate goes to see Jason later in the week to ask him to attend her and Sonny's wedding, he tells her he needs a dress for someone but to not ask any questions. It is part of his surprise for the following wk.

Spixie... Spinelli believes Maxie is finally falling for him.

Nikadine... Nik goes out of his way to make Nadine comfortable. She's uncomforatble instead. Nik kisses Nadine.

LuSam... Sam makes a dangerous move and gets caught. Lucky tells Sam he loves her Sam can't bring herself to say it back.

Jolu... Johnny refuses to follow Claudia's request and dump Lulu.

Laxie... (Lulu Maxie) They share a nice scene at Skate's wedding where Lulu thanks Maxie for standing by her. It's a nice moment.

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