Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Spoiler Wrap Up

LuSam... Alexis fans won't like Lucky this week.

JoLu... After thinking she was wrong about laura lulu tries to shut johnny out but he refuses to let her leading him to extreme measures to prove he isn't going anywhere. Tracy sends a catatonic Laura to Europe.

J-Lex... Alexis finds out about Jerry and Sam. Sam is hurt that Alexis believes so easily that she would betray her again like that. Alexis handles the discovery with ease, in fact brushes it off so cooly that Jerry is hurt and believes Alexis may not have cared for him at all .
Alexis says she never really had much faith in Jerry but she wanted to.
She reveals that Jerry was under suspicion for many things and she never divulged that, so she wasn't as blinded by him as he thinks. Jerry refuses to be pushed away. Admits he truly cares for her when he realizes his games with Sam have pushed Alexis too far. Jerry begins to pursue her again and goes out on the line and admits that he is doing very dangerous things in order to help someone in trouble, someone that matters to him. And he will do that at all costs. Lucky and Nickolas try to mend fences between Alexis and Sam.

Ric... Rumors say Ric will be killed protecting his daughter.

Skate... Kate does not want Carly to win and if she walks away, then Carly could go after him. So, she even invites Carly to the wedding so that she can see how happy they and are going to be.

Nikadine... Nik realizes that he has become very dependant on Nadine's friendship after the explosion. She is injured and he offers her a place to stay.

Liason... Spin thinks that Jason and Elizabeth belong together but he says to Jason that if he doesn't move on Elizabeth will not move on. Jason realizes that he doesn't want Elizabeth with another man. The reason he's been so adamant is because he would die if something were to happen to her and Jake. Elizabeth also brings up the night they first made love and why it worked so well. She says it's because Jason let go of all his inhibitions. She wants him to let himself feel. iz being the weakness is revealed. Karpov's informant is the only person who saw them together this past week. And this informant has also had a history of drug use. So, when he starts using the fake drugs, the withdrawals are not pretty and could bring harm to someone near and dear to our mob boss.

Scrubs... Next week is basically the reveal stuff. Robin is there for him throughout all of it. They discuss baby names at some point and Patrick wants the baby to be named a Drake. It's a very sweet moment between the two. He also gets angry and demands respect from Matt when he thinks he is talking down to Robin. She's touched. Robin begins to realize that she does want it all with the man she loves.

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