Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spoilers 9/23 updated at 4 est

UPDATED: Jason takes Liz to Kate's hospital room to show her Kate. After Liz tells him that Kate's shooting doesn't change the way she feels about wanting to be with him, he takes her into Kate's room to give her a reality check. She cuts him off and walks out of the room leaving him standing there with Sonny and Olivia, who by the way doesn't like Jason using Kate as a demonstration to his girlfriend. Max's daddy to want his son to teach Jason a lesson for his lack of respect. He catches Jason "trying to give some broad a no-hands tonsilectomy" in his son's office.

LuSam... Hearing rumors about a table sex scene. Lucky puts Sam up on top of a table and they kiss.

Liason... Week of Oct 6, Liz gets Jason with the paint brush and he gives it right back. They end up on the floor. Statement from Poster on DD "You will get your surprises and tender moments, but the truth be known, there is no wedding in this couples future. You will get the dress, the question.. but it's stopped in it's tracks." After the Skate wedding, Jason will once again be heavily involved with the mob, especially since Sonny will be back in the scene. Elizabeth does not give in despite Jason's reality check. Liz isn't in nurse mode during the kate stuff. Jason calls her and she comes to the hospital. Jason thinks she is going to walk away again, but she tells him no. He still tries to do the whole push away thing by taking to kate's room to show her this could be her. Olivia sees this and doesn't like that Jason used kate to get his point across to his girlfriend.

Matrick... Matt decides to give Patrick a chance. However, he still wants nothing to do with Noah.

Scrubs... Robin breaks down after patrick say's no. Patrick regrets his answer and wonders if he will ever get her to marry him after saying no. The engagement of Scrubs is on, but what comes first.. baby or wedding? TBTB claims baby.Matt will be having seconds thoughts regarding his new found family, but the truth will rear it's ugly face as to why he is really in town.Fans are not happy with the "Anna" story line, simply because there is none. Although, Finola claims she likes where it is going. Robin has a heart to heart with Anna.

J-Lex... The next time Jerry and Alexis are together-- Alexis walks in on Sam and Jerry. Jerry and Alexis go to dinner at the metro court. They dont share scenes this week or next because the focus is on Skate's wedding and the aftermath. Alexis is concerned about Kate. Jerry listens. Alexis doesnt trust Jerry but the attraction isnt going away. Sam is not happy with the way Jerry is using Alexis, and insist he break if off immediately or no playing with Sam. Lucky wants them to tell Alexis what's going on but Sam refuses. Nik will come to aide Sam when Alexis finds out.

Spixie... Expect Matt to slowly be introduced to Spixie, him and Maxie slowly start connecting over their shared experience when it comes to abandoning parents.

Skate... More secrets come out during the Skate wedding then we first expected. More out of towners arrive quite unexpectedly and seems more then just a "shooting" occurs. Olivia is making a big splash with her scenes and will be in this for the long haul. Expect Olivia to try to keep her secret to protect Kate and her relationship with Sonny, however will be discovered by another. Patrick operates on Kate's spine. Monica informs Sonny that their is a chance of paralysis. Kate's seems on the road to recovery. Olivia tells an unconscious Kate that she will keep the secret that they share. She vows that Sonny will never know about his son. Meet Dante. Olivia moves on with Sonny and Kate. Olivia's trouble maker brother Vito comes in town. Kate tells Patrick about Sonny having another son.Patrick is her surgeon she tells him before going into surgery. Kate knew about Sonny having a child with Olivia, but Olivia is the one that wanted to keep the truth from Sonny. Sonny is determined to know his son and goes against the wishes of Olivia and Kate.Jason uses Kate as an example to get through to Elizabeth. Does it work? I don't think so.

Mob... Sonny demands that Jason kill Karpov but Jason refuses. Sonny attacks Karpov when he arrives at the hospital.

Jolu... Expect Johnny and Lulu to reunite stronger outside Shadybrooke to face Anthony and Trevor but not before Johnny works through his guilt and Luke returns. Tracy visits with Lulu and finds her with Johnny. She insists that Johnny is no good for Lulu but Lulu has none of it. Deciding to give Johnny a dose of reality, Tracy brings him to meet Laura. Lulu receives a threatening note regarding Logan which later disappears. When telling Johnny about it she realizes he does not believe her. Johnny worries that Lulu is getting worse. Lulu is thrown in isolation. Johnny is convinced he is responsible. Nikolas is angry with Lainey because he feels she hasn't done anything for Lulu. Nikolas demands that Lulu be released at once and plans to take her home with him. Lucky and Tracy want Lulu to stay in Shadybrooke and away from Johnny. Nikolas tries to get Lucky to see that being at Shadybrooke is not the solution but Lucky won't budge. Nikolas accuses Lucky of giving up on Lulu and says he hasn't.

AZ Up and about?? Ric catches a standing Anthony putting his rifle away. Anthony happily acknowledges that the jig is up and he's still got great aim. Anthony fills Ric in on his plan and is later pleased when he sees Ric going along with it.

Clic... Ric comes to Claudia's defense literally. Anthony orders Claudia to assure Sonny that they are innocent of the shooting. Ric offers himself instead but Anthony declines. Later, Claudia and Ric almost kiss when he wonders aloud if she wants him or his brother.

Connie... Maxie isn't happy when she learns her Idol is a fraud.

Carjax... Jax protects Carly when the shots go off. Jax and Carly share some warm moments after he risks his own life to save her. He later insists on taking care of her and Morgan's security by moving them into the MC. They share a kiss. Carly tells Jax she is over Sonny and Jax is now her heart. Too bad it is too little, too late for Jax. Carly decides to "help" by trying to rid Jax of his share of the hotel.

DiMax... The make up of Diane and Max is fun at best, until dear old "pop" comes into town and has impressions that Max and Milo are nearly "running" the organization...Things look up when he gets an eyeful of Diane, but she has more then just reservations when it comes to Pop.

Nikadine... Expect Nadine to be the one preaching caution when it comes to her and Nik, she fears he will never be as invested as she is. Nik and Nadine make love all night and wake up to breakfast in bed courtesy of Alfred. Nik wants to spend more time with her but Nadine fronts claiming it meant nothing more than sex. She leaves Nik confused and disappointed. Nikolas and Nadine realize that maybe things are happening to fast for them.

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