Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spoilers 9/24 Updated at 430 est

Updated: Right now it sounds like LuSam's camping trip will be offscreen atleast for the first week. Vincent Pastore (Maximus Giambetti) arrives early in Oct. Look for the s/l to be comical. Sounds like Maximus loves women and will be competing with Max for the affection of Diane. Maximus has been married 6 times and looking for woman number 7. Max is torn he wants his Dad away from Diane but also wants Diane to be nice to his Dad. In regard to Max and Diane Guza says : "I fully believe that in another eight months or so, they're going to be big, big stars on the show." One rumor about Liason is Liz is painting Jason's office and lets just say one thing leads to another.

SOD Kirstin Storms on Bradford Anderson doing shirtless roles
“Having worked with numerous daytime hotties over her near decade in he soap biz, Storms admits that her current acting partner is like no other actor she has worked with. "You know what I like about Bradford?" she smiles. If Josh Duhon had a shirtless scene, we would be hearing about it the whole week before. There would be tanning involved and the gym. With Bradford, he will be like "Oh, I think I'm going to be shirtless today", while he's eating his bagel. Now that's refreshing.”

Nik/Nadine/Ric/Claudia... Look for Ric and Claudia to connect but she is still going to be drawn to Nic. And Nic will be drawn to her but he will love Nadine. Nik tells Nadine she reminds him of Emily. Nik thinks he's giving her a compliment but she just feels like a place holder because he is unable to have the real thing.

Luke/Laura/Tracy... Tracy is going to have some scenes with the upcoming Luke and Laura reconnect and fans should know that the writers want Laura to be Luke's love if TG decides he's done with daytime. But if TG is staying then look for Tracy to be his love. Look for Tracy to figure in to the upcoming storyline and she'll have good scenes but it's not going to be a TRACY/LUKE/LAURA fight. JE and GF play well with one another, two very talented but very different actresses. B.G. loves TG and likes JE and not so fond of GF.

CarJax... Jax jumps in front of Carly when bullets are shot during the wedding. Jax tries to intervene when Diane and Alexis argue over the fact they ordered the same dress to wear to Skate's wedding.Jax is upset that Carly is giving Sonny's mobster friend royal treatment at the Metrocourt.Jax argues with Nikolas over the Metrocourt.Jax and Alexis are at Skate's wedding.Jax protects Carly at the wedding.Alexis tries to calm the guests after the shooting. Jax wants to protect Carly and Morgan by moving them into the Metrocourt.Jax and Carly kiss, some share kind words, but Jax says it's too late.

Sex Scenes... Lusam some hot table sex with honey. Liason, a sexy paint fight.

LuSam... It looks like the Cake LuSam camping trip will be offscreen. Sam and Lucky go to pick up the boys on Monday. Lucky will see Liz's packed bags and ask her where she's going. She tells him she's going on a trip with Jason and Sam defends her.

Karpov.. He has a new target and its Alexis.

Skate... Kate utters Olivia's secret to Patrick as he's ushering her to the E.R.

Jolu... Tracy goes to Shadybrook to find Lulu missing.Tracy finds Johnny and Lulu kissing when Johnny returns Lulu to SB.Tracy asks Johnny is she wants Lulu to end up like Laura and then she argues with Lulu about Johnny. Johnny and Jax almost get into a fight.

Liason... Maximus Giambetti may be the one to see LIz and Jason kiss.

What Kept Rick Hearst: Rumored s/l. Ric finds out that Johnny is Trevor's son. All hell breaks loose. This will be Johnny and LuLu's next BIG thing.Also there are some twists in the storyline. With Ric becoming very close to Anthony and being his go to guy when this comes out in the open. Lots of Johnny/LuLu/Anthony/Trevor/Ric/ClaudiaAs you can imagine some bad blood is going to go down between Johnny and Ric.Causing some rifts for Claudia and Ric. There is a Nikolas, Nadine and Claudia triangle buiding in the midst of this.This starts to play out sweeps and beyond.This was some enticing storyline and airtime that got Rick eager to sign on again. Although money wise and status wise he hasn't gotten more benefits.

According to CBS SID:
In Depth has learned that Tom Pelphrey has passed on GH's offer to play opposite maurice Benard as sonny's son, not wanting to commit to a long-term soap role.

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