Monday, September 29, 2008

Spoilers 9/29 Updated @445 est

Foreshadowing... Remember last spring when Tyler and Laura said they wanted to work together.Remember last week when Nik tried to buy out Jax's half of the MC.

Sweeps... The end of November, 2008, we get several flash forwards to a "shocking event' that is taking place in November, 2009. (Kind of like Lost and if you're a Lost fan think final episode May, 2007, and go literally with it) And then the whole year will be about showing what led to that.

CarJax... Carly's going to be involved with the new doc, trying to make Jax jealous.

LuSam... Jerry sets Sam up and she's arrested during a drug bust.

Liason... I'm hearing that Jason hurts his foot during Liason's paint fight or close after it.

J-Lex... AZ isn't the only mob boss that takes interest in Alexis connection to Sonny...Karpov has a threat of his own.

Who fired??? Well we know its not Karpov, but its Anthony. Ric will know the truth and Claudia will figure it out. Jason wants to investigate and Sonny will want to attack right then and there. Sonny wants the biz back but I don't think it's likely Jason will give it back that easily. Olivia will be suprisingly upset about Kate being shot. She blames Sonny for obviously not being out of the mob. Kate promises Olivia she won't say a word but thats not that easy when your delirious. Olivia blames most of the shooting on Sonny but she blames Connie to because she knows what kind of man Sonny is. The wedding didn't go threw so the one left in charge at the hospital is Olivia making all the decisions. Everyone will be looking for Karpov and the evidence points to him. Even Carly tries to get Jason to strike back. Everyone will want Karpov to pay so this could lead to a Who killed the Russian s/l.

Felicia Wagner... Rumors say she's headed back to PC

MOC... I guess the MOC is back guys and Sonny's gonna marry Olivia, Claudia or Carly. I'm gonna say Claudia. Why you Ask?? Well Jason won't give the business back and Sonny wants to retaliate but realizes AZ is behind it. Sonny and Claudia strike a deal and they marry so Sonny gets his foot in the door of the Zacharra Organization. Claudia will never be completly in because of her female status, but Sonny can.

Liz/Robin... Liz is rumored to tell Robin the truth about little Jake. Another Rumor is Robin has a break down, a little one.

Whos the Babies Mama??? Ok so we know Sonny has a long lost child returning (how original I know) not it seems Olivia and "Connie" vowed to forever keep the child from Sonny. This could be the reason why Connie left Sonny at the corner so many years ago. Rumors say the child was raised by Nonna the grandmother thats been talked about. Rumors say Kate knew who was in PC when she first arrived. Did she bump into Mr. C on purpose??

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