Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Spoiler Wrap Up

MobWar Anyone??? Claudia finds out that Ric and Anthony are setting up Karpov. She reveals the truth to Sonny. Claudia confronts Ric, their bonding comes to an end. Sonny goes to Claudia with a plan to destroy her father. Olivia gets the wrong impression when seeing Sonny and Claudia. She defends Kate and sticks by her. Anthony challenges Ric to be more then his father and go the distance with him. Trevor warns Ric that Anthony is leading him too far in and then he'll just let Ric hang out to dry. Sonny and Jason butt heads when Jason doesn't give in to Sonny's demands.

CarJax... After the crisis Carly sees that Jax is as protective as always and wonders how Jax can walk away when he clearly still cares so much. Jax doesn't know if he can continue to work along side Carly.

LuSam... Sam and Lucky admit they love eachother and talk about what that means for them in the future. Sam, Lucky and Jason make an unlikely trio when they depend on eachother to bring down Karpov's counterfeit drug ring. Sam assures an insecure Lucky that he is the man in her life and she doesn't want or need anyone else.

Max... When Max's father comes to town, it's discovered that Max has overblown his position in the organization. He needs help keeping up that cover. Max is horrified to see his father interested in Diane.

Spixie... Maxie lends a sympathetic ear to Matt as he talks about Noah. Spinelli fears that Maxie will forever see him as just a friend. He wants to sweep her off her feet. Spinelli is jealous over Matt and Maxie's apparent connection. Maxie misinterepts Spinelli's jealousy but still tells him that no one could mean more to her then Spinelli.

Luke/Laura... Luke returns to see that Laura indeed does reawake at times. They share a reunion. Tracy is hurt to see Luke and Laura's still clearly stong love and bond. Tracy has been keeping a secret. Laura tells Luke it's okay if he moves on. Luke confronts Scotty.

J-Lex... Jerry who is angry over being decieved by Sam and losing Alexis, has Sam arrested while doing business for Karpov. Jerry attempts another plea to Alexis, Alexis informs him she knows that he got Sam in trouble and it's very interesting since he has worked for Karpov all along. Jerry is hurt when Alexis delievers the final blow, however he is determined to protect her from Karpov's edict that Alexis be taken care of. Alexis doesn't trust Jerry when he attempts to warn her . Jerry won't stop in his mission to keep her safe.

JoLu... Johnny breaks LuLu's heart in an effort to keep her from destroying herself or having to deal with the constant stress put on them by their families. Claudia and Nikolas regret seeing Johnny and LuLu in so much pain. Claudia admits to Johnny that she feels safe with Nikolas.

Nikadine... Nadine attempts to keep Nikolas at bay fearing he may not really be interested in her to the extent that she is interested in him. Nadine misinterprets a moment between Claudia and Nikolas.

Scrubs... Robin attempts to get through to Matt for Patrick's sake. Robin is hurt by Patrick's refusal. Both wonder if they will ever be at the same point in their relationship together. Patrick and Robin make up after the failed proposal and agree to let marriage happen when they both feel it's the right moment.

Liason... Liz attempts to ease a spooked Jason after Kate is shot. Liz admits she has fears and probably always will, but she wants to share her life with Jason, anyway she can.

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