Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FYI the concert sucked; don't pay money to see Lil Wayne.

Last Night, I went to Jamn 94.5's Monster Jam. For those of you who live in the Boston area should know what I'm talking about. The event started at exactly 7 which is a surprise and Yung Berg took the stage preformed than the long awaited come back from Brandy happened. It was her first concert in 4 years and she was a bit uncomfortable but that was ok because we had the performance of the night later on with Jay-Z and Lil Wayne or so we thought. Ne-yo came on and basically said just relax and vibe out to my music cuz I know you'll be dancing all over later. Ne-Yo wrapped it up and Lil Wayne's people came out and we waiting, looking like idiots I may add. An hour went by, ok so I saw him in Rhode Island this summer and it took him about an hour to come on so what ever where waiting, and now it's been an hour and a half. The stage crew comes on and takes all of his equipment and sets up Jay-Z's act. Alright so being hopeful I figured that maybe he'll be on after. But nope he wasn't. Jay-Z gave one hell of a performance but didn't make up for fan's disappointment about the so called "Best Rapper Alive" with hits known as Lollipop, Got Money, Fireman, A Milli. Jay-Z went back stage and gave us an option to either go home and that's the end of the concert or stay and listen to more Jay-Z. Of course we stayed for more Jay-Z, he made us work for us saying theres an airplane waiting on the run way for me, if you want me to stay I need to hear you. Not long after Jay-Z won the crowd over, and mixing and rapping with DJ A.M who earlier this month survived an Airplane crash. Leaving the garden there were many disgruntled fans yelling "F*** Lil Wayne". Turns out that Lil Wayne didn't know he'd have to go through security and refused to walk through, calling it an insult to his entourage. Lil Wayne also pulled this stunt in 2007's Monster Jam, Rochester, and Fashion Week.

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