Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spoilers 10/28

Casting Call... A casting call is out for a character named Chris, Chris is Carly's bodyguard. He's described as flirtatious, arrogant, and hiding more than one secret. He and Carly have slept together and Chris knows it was a mistake. Carly is asking him to dinner by offering to make frozen pizza. Chris is being distant. He also says "...I'm not who you want, anyway. I'm a substitute for the ex-husband you can't have. Almost as crazy as Sonny. Just not nearly as rich."

Goings... A current actress on GH will be departing GH after November sweeps when her character will be "written" off the show. Genie Francis and Kin Shriner will exit the week of November 10.

Comings... Baby Scrub makes her big debut on Monday November 3. Also on hand during this week will be Rick Springfield as the proud grandpa.

Liason/Matt... Elizabeth expresses her frustation at the current state of her love life.Elizabeth gives into Matt's request. Elizabeth overhears wk of 17th about Jason almost marry Claudia, she confronts Jason about it. He gives the reasoning behind it and follows up with his danger danger these are dangerous times to be around me BS. Liz is upset and Matt notices. He ask her if she is ok and would like to talk about it she tells him no. He finally convinces her to grab some coffee.Jason reminds Liz why giving up Jake was the right decision.

Mob War... Ric realizes exactly what Anthony is up to and what his plans for Sonny really are. Sonny puts a hit out on Jason.

Slaudia... Sonny and Claudia agree to the terms of their marriage-- in writing.

Jasam... Rumor: After Jerry calls Sam, she goes pilfering through the PH closet for a gun where she finds her star necklace in Jason's "box of pain."

Carson... Sonny is stabed, dumped in the harbor. Carly walking around, finds Sonny and go hiding with him somewhere because Karpov's men are still around. Sonny wakes up, Carly acts all worried and tender with him, Sonny is confused and asks her if she still has feelings for him. Carly denies and they talk about the past and why they are so weird with each other now, also talk about Michael, Jax and Kate. Jax comes out of nowhere and hear their voices, he stands there and watches their every move. At some point they're very close to each other, look like they are about to kiss, but they are not it's just the view, Jax leaves pissed off. The next day Sonny and Carly do get to the point where they let their attraction show but resist on acting on it. The following week, Carly and Sonny get out of hiding and go to the hospital where they both face reality including Jax and Kate. The week after, Skate break up and Sonny marries Claudia. This little thing was S&C's goodbyes as Sonny is finally swallowed by the mob. Then you'll see Sonny dealing with Kate, Olivia still but the focus will be on gaining power and dealing with the mob. Dante will be the possible savior of Sonny, he'll be the person who will get Sonny out of his hole as nobody was able to do so, not even the woman he once loved (carly) and the woman he loves now (Kate.)

JoLu... Johnny and Lulu spend time together. Ric and Trevor come to blows over Johnny. Ric wants Johnny to take over to keep Claudia from marrying Sonny. Trevor disagrees. Lulu thinks Johnny didn’t even try and contact her while she was away.Lulu will try and avoid Johnny when she gets back from LA.Lulu is forced to spend time with Johnny, which is actually funny. While Johnny is trying to reach Lulu he gets Lucky.Lucky lays into Johnny about not letting Lulu move on.Lucky informs Johnny that Claudia told him how he "got over Lulu" and he would hate for that to get back to Lulu.Johnny asks Spinelli for a favor.

The Explosion... Explosion is on Nov 19th. Kelly's goes kaboom, leaving Jason and Sam trapped in The Cellar after saving Mike.

Nikadine/Carly... Nadine misinterprets another moment between Carly and Nik. Nik and Elizabeth remember Emily.

Jax... Jax's luck is starting to turn when he wins a huge investment deal.

Spixie... Spinelli prepares a special evening for Maxie.

LuSam... Lucky puts his own life on the line to get to an unconscious Sam. Don't know if this is true so rumor alert, Sam miscarries week of Nov 24th.

Jerry... Karpov shoots Jerry and sets one of the warehouses on fire and leaves Jerry there. Towards the end the audience will be made to believe that Jerry got out and that he could still be alive hence "dies".

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Sam/Jason said...

Though I do like Sam with Lucky, I still want her back with Jason. Together, they were unstoppable!