Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Spoilers! Updated at 5est

Not much out here today! Happy Halloween

Rumor: Rumors are stating that Robert Scorpio may be back in November...

Jasam... Rumor: The groundwork is being put down during sweeps. Jason/Liz will be ending the week of the 17th. After that, Lucky/Sam will be trying to work out their issues while sam/Jason continue to be around eachother. Liz will inserted in a quad with Matt/Maxie/Spin until they decide what to do with her. Week of the 3rd - Week of the 24th is heavy Jason/Sam interactionLucky comes in end of the Week of the 17th, but doesn't find sam until the week of the 24thLiz shares scenes w/ Jason 13th,14th,17th, and 18th. That is it for sweeps.TPTB have decided to go with the triangle feeling that it would pick up the ratings. The outcome of the triangle hasn't been decided yet. Sbu's contract will also play a role in this as well as KM's. The actors have been informed of the change and are on board with it.

Sam is grabbed and jason comes looking for her. Jerry makes Sam turn Jason away. Jason's looking for her because she informs him what she has been up to and after witnessing the dumpster explode and the shootout he most certainly believes her. Latest Rumor says Sam is on the phone with Jason when she arrives back to her PH and Jerry is there waiting for her. After the line is dead Jason goes there looking for Sam. Jerry becomes impressed on Sam's skills to get Jason to leave. Jerry is rumored to drug sam and take her to Karpov's ship. Jerry will tell Sam all of his evil plans.

Scrubs... Anna will get Robin to the hospital in a speedy way. A c-section is performed and a crisis is ahead for Robin and her baby. The cord will be wrapped around baby Emma Grace's neck.. Thats right you heard Emma Grace.

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