Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweeps Info

From Soap Net:

"Its November sweeps time, which means all our fave shows are whipping out
their best and brightest stories (until February and May, that is). "General
Hospital" is no exception, with the twists, turns and explosions (obviously,
look what town this is) coming at a rapid pace and turn in the most unexpected
directions.The lines between the past and the present get really blurry once
Jason and Sam become unlikely partners-in-crime as they attempt to take down
Karpov. Only problem is, Jerry is after Sam and but how: He wants her dead!
Expect some classic Jason and Sam adventure, but how are Liz and Lucky going to
take this? Three guesses, and the first two don't count.Meanwhile, THE event of
November is the fact that Luke and Laura are together again! Yes, face-to-face,
doing their Luke and Laura thing. Which means getting into life and death
scrapes (this time it's a car going off a cliff) amidst that undeniable
chemistry. Only difference this time is that Laura knows Luke's married to
Tracy. Yep, that issue and more is put on the table -- along with a little Tracy
and Laura face-to-face actionSonny get stabbed by Karpov and thrown into the
harbor (because, you know, stabbing is letting him off easy). Carly, aka
Aquagirl, comes to his rescue and performs mouth to mouth. You know Sonny and
Carly, though. These life-or-death situations just solidify their bond with each
other. And that gets them in trouble. And boy, do these two get into trouble
this month.Robin does give birth to her baby. Yes! It's a done deal. But there's
lots of complications to face, the least of which is the child's HIV status.
Beyond that, there's the whole notion of being a new mom and dad. Look what it
took to get Patrick and Robin to commit to each other. I mean, fixing the
deficit was easier. Now they are going to be parents. Oh the possibilities ...
.All this PLUS a marriage, a murder, a big exit, a career change, a Thanksgiving
that shows you a very different Port Charles and Spinelli's on a mission, for,
as he'll say, "Maximista will be avenged!" Now what could that mean?"

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