Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rumored Happenings

An Interesting Post from an Anon Poster of DD

"Sarah Brown will not be extending her contract. But the show will be using as
much of her as they can. There have been two storylines in place for Sarah. If
she would have stayed on, she would have went into a longer term situation with
Tyler/Nikolas on the show. They had been originally very interested in that. But
when they heard early rumblings that she would not be sticking around longer
term, they decided to place her with Maurice and Rick in the mob storyline.
Tyler is not thrilled with his new storyline. However he was given assurances
that he will be working more with Laura Wright while Ingo is gone. I don't know
if they plan to do anything long term with Nikolas and Carly. I do know that
Carly and Sonny almost fall into old patterns again and Carly does get slightly
involved with the arrival of Sonny's son. She becomes suspicious of Kate and
Olivia.Robin and Patrick do have a "Honeymoon" period coming. But there are
going to be bumps arising again. And that has to do with other family
complications.I heard Sam's daddy storyline was being nibbled at again. It might
be a consolation prize to Nancy who got a promised storyline pulled out from
under her. Despite scoffing, I was told that when Sarah exits, Ric may go back
to his old family for some stability. Ric gets quick lost in Zacchara mob messes
coming up. His jealouses over Sonny and Claudia make it worse for him.Don't
expect Sam, Lucky, Jason, and Liz to ever really go their seperate ways. Liz and
Jason do make a more serious committment after sweeps and that causes some
problems which throws Sam and Lucky into turmoil. Motives and feelings will be
questioned but are suppose to cement the couples even further. I did hear a
marriage is suppose to happen. I won't put out there what couple.

Someone does find out they are pregnant.

Someone does have a one night stand with an old flame

Someone does find out a long kept secret

Someone is questioned about things of the past"

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