Friday, October 24, 2008

Spoilers 10/24 updated @5est

Laura and Scott... Scott takes Laura back to Hollywood. Scott reminds Laura of the good old days. He will bring her to some spots that the fans will be sure to recognize. Scott will admit to letting Laura take the blame. Scott says he wouldn't of done it but Luke already had taken off with Laura. Laura will tell Scott that her heart belongs to Luke, and Scott will inform her of his marriage to Tracy.

Brotherly Moment... Pat keeps his rounds at the hospital when AZ comes in need of surgery. He is having brain anuerisms. Matt volunteers to do the surgery but Patrick doesn't want Matt to be blamed if something goes wrong with the surgery. There will be a good moment between the brothers. After the surgery Matt drives Patrick to the chapel so he'll be able to change. Patrick walks in a mess, shirt untucked, tie untied, but he makes it. Patrick apologizes and explains the reasons why he was late. Robin reassures him and tells him its ok he's here now. The minister begins to start and Robin says "Patrick" "I think my water broke." Kelly is there and tells Robin the babies heart beat is low and the umbilical cord is around its neck.

Jasam.. don't expect to see them discuss Baby girl McCall.

Ok so bare with me today. I just found out my old high school is lock down because of guns and ammunition that were found in a car... Kids these days.. (sigh)

Sweeps... 5 things that are rumored to happen:
1. Paternity will be revealed: Johnny/Trevor
2. Deaths: Jerry and Trevor
3. Go their separate ways: Sonny/Kate Jason/Liz Carly/Jax
4. Make love: Carly/Nik Lucky/Sam Spinelli/Maxie Johnny/LuLu
5. This all before the 5th and final explosion hits.

Rumors say Guza's big end of sweeps stunt is another green screen special effect. Kelly and Steve have to do special safety training to prepare for it. That starts next week.

CarJax/Skate/Kax/Carson... Sonny & Carly do not make love, but do share a very close intimacy and kiss that Jax witnesses. As a result of this Jax & Kate truly become the outsiders and too become close as a result of this to the point that something will happen. Think about the spoiler from Guza that Jax will be about kids and sometimes it's about loyality not love. Rumor: Jax and Kate sleeping together prompts Sonny to marry Claudia. Dante secret will not come out until after he is in PC. Dante is more like Sonny that Olivia described.

Slaudia... Sonny and Claudia marry the week of November 17th and at that time Kate is still in the hospital.

Scrubs... Robert won't be at the wedding because he was shipped off to switzerland, but don't worry Pat and Robin don't go through with it so TR will be at the "real" wedding. Tristan Rogers confirmed he'll be back to GH for 3 episodes next month so don't worry. Jason will be at the wedding after Maxie convinces him. Kelly will be their tending to Robin when labor starts. Remember, Patrick will be late due to AZ's surgery. Everyone will assume Pat left Robin at the alter, except for Robin. She thinks highly of her man.

Gossip... Sarah Brown not staying??? Tyler Christopher finally getting the leading lady he's been asking for and it will be Laura Wright. Ingo will either be taken his leave that the end of the extention or another long vacation. Carly will need someone to occupy her time. Sam finally getting her Daddy s/l.

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