Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spoilers 10/15

***According to a new SID article, Scotty kidnaps Laura. He's behind the notes to Lulu, and he knows she killed Logan. Laura wakes up, punches him, and tell him to stay away from her daughter.

Crazy Rumors.... A recast of Courtney and Sarah Webber are coming. ( I wouldn't hold your breath) Brian Gaskill is up for the role of Nadine's brother.

The Wedding... Patrick gets Cold Feet! He talks about it to Olivia. Olivia tells him to be sure of what he is doing because he can't undo it. It really is her referring to her decision about Dante while giving Patrick advice. Spinelli overhears and in his own special way makes it out to be worse than it is. Spinelli tells Robin that and Patrick is late. Robin has complete faith in her man and Patrick shows up only for Robin's water to break.

MobWar.... Jason is working with Claudia. Claudia is playiing Ric to take the business from Anthony.Sonny and Kate are headed for a break. Sonny is busy with Claudia, Anthony and Jason.Olivia's presence on the canvas will decline to make way for Sonny/Claudia. Rumors still soaring that it's Guza's idea to have Claudia pregnant and Sonny pretending to be the father. Claudia ends up pregnant with Ric's kid but Sonny will pretend to be the father. Claudia will be mad at Ric because he knew that AZ shot Kate & didn't tell her. Interesting? Maybe, but we'll see. Right now Sonny and Jason are at odds but they are said to be coming around joining forces and pull a fast one on everybody.
Dante... Casting for him is suppose to be really good, he will be seen first sometime during sweeps. Dante is not your typical boy from BensonHurst. He's done well for himself. He's well-educated and has an excellent start in a good career rumors say He'll be a priest. He won' t be happy to find out his dad is a mobster. He is a Name actor, excellent credentials, VERY SURPRISING that he'd sign on for a long time role to do this. Dante could still be played by TP. The first offer was very much a trial balloon to test his interest and to test the show's interest. After he turned it down they took a look at who else was available and because they wanted a name actor, they went back to him with a new deal.

LuSam... Lucky and Sam will break up temporarily after the hot tub scene but it will be short lived. Lucky questions if Sam would've went all the way with Jerry if thats what she need to do for information and he isn't liking it. Lucky returns to make up with Sam and she's gone. Sam was arrested. Look for Sam's desire for children to play into she and Lucky's connection. You will see in the coming months, that LuSam will believe the children would have a safer life with them. Watch out of the disgusting hot tub scene of Jerry and Sam. That officially taints LuSam's sexy scene way back when.
L&L... Luke is back and learns of Laura's break through. She isn't happy with the way Luke has been parenting their children all these years. Laura will learn about Tracy's role in Luke's life.
Maximus... Maximus is officially gone, but Vincent Pastore is still rumored to return in February.

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