Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spoilers 10/16

Sweeps... Rumors: ENTIRE month of November is all about obliterating every couple currently on the show. And I do mean, every last one. Those details Guza needed to iron out was about finding a way to end some of those they he hadnt really worked on. The last week of sweeps will then be a fast forward to 3 months later (end of Feb sweeps). The ENTIRE week will be about everyones lives 3 months later and nobody is with who they are with now (although there is a possibility that one couple might reunite). The FF lasts 5 days and ends with a death and a shockingly "impossible" pregnancy. December goes back to the present but I was told there would continue to be FF peeks into the future until the show catches up at the end of Feb sweeps

LuSam... Sam is outted as a spy and is in serious trouble and Lucky isnt around. This is the first 2 weeks of November. It's not a reunion, nothing romantic is even hinted. The anniversary of Sam's baby's death is remembered.

A rumor that is probably just that that I wish would be true. JaSam marry in November but not for the reasons you may think. Jason and Sam are trapped together and have sex when they think they are going to die. They regret it after because they both are in love with other people but the damage is done. Lucky is off on his own adventure trying to save his mother. When he returns he finds out that Sam is missing. Lucky agrees to join forces with Liz and they set out to find their loved ones.

Friendship... Maxie and Lulu work together to achieve a common goal. Both find it funny how well they work togetherMaxie helps Lulu nurse a broken heart in a very Maxie way. With Maxie's help, Lulu one ups Claudia in a very public way. Claudia is angry but someone comes to the girls "rescue". Claudia vows revenge.

Dante... Sonny learns that Olivia has a son.

MobWar... Anthony tells Claudia he wants her to marry Sonny. Claudia goes to Jason and asks him to marry her so Sonny can have the Z's and go after Karpov. Jason makes an alliance with a blast from his past.

Scott... Scott is the one who left the mysterious letter to Lulu. Scott knows Laura is making a breakthrough. Laura wakes up in front of him and I'm hearing they skit town together. The doctors don't believe Lulu when she tells them her mother woke up and was kidnapped. This s/l will bring Lucky into the mix as well as Nik and Tracy.

Spixie... Maxie needs to rescue Spinelli when he gets into a predicament at Shadybrook and they put him in a straight Jacket.

Liason... Liz calls Jason over to the studio today where they will paint. Rumors say Matt will have a crush on Liz. After the numerous rejections from Jason, Liz is flattered by Matt's attention. She thinks his crush is cute and fun. I think is not so much a chem test for Matt/Liz, but more of a way for TIIC to see how JC fits on GH.

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