Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spoilers 10/2

Jolu... Johnny tells Lulu he needs her but Lulu tells him she doesn't need him and walks away. Johnny's downward spiral will continue after Lulu brushes him off. Someone surprising will tell Johnny to clean is act up and fight for Lulu if that is what he wants. Johnny will fight but Lulu fight just as hard to guard her heart. Tracy finds LukeLuke comes home and goes after Scott. Luke helps LuluLuke is angry at Johnny and tells him to stay away from Lulu but has a change of heart when Nikolas fills him in on the truth. Maxie tries to get Johnny to help Lulu who is drugged up at Shadybrook. Fresh out of Shadybrooke, Lulu meets a new "friend" with surprising ties to PC.Johnny asks for another chance but Lulu walks away, leaving a deveststed Johnny.Lucky warns Johnny to stay away from Lulu because she has moved on. Nikolas sees the pain that Lulu is in and tells her that it is okay to forgive.

Liason... Liz overhears (at the hospital) that Kate may not walk again. She's really distraught over this and calls Jason. He shows up at her studio.They talk and comfort each other.-The next day Jason shows up again!They have a paint fight at the studio and Jason gets hurt.Liz takes care of him.

Sonny Vs. Jason... Jason refuses to give the business back, Sonny goes to the Zacharra's and then the plan of MOC starts coming into action. Kate is rumored to turn to Carly for help. Olivia also comes to Carly for help.

Maxie... Crimson is not doing good without the fashionista so Maxie puts her fashion skills to the test to save the new magazine. Maxie will be everywhere, keeping Crimson alive, helping lulu, trying to bust Lulu out and going to JOhnny for help. Whew! gets me exhausted!

J-Lex/Sam... Sam invites Jerry over. She is after the PDA which happens to belong to Karpov. She is in a robe. She offers him a bathing suit and asks him if he'd like to go in the hot tub. Once they get in, Sam decides to get more wine. Jerry knows she is really after the PDA. So in order to stop her, he pulls her into a kiss. That is when Alexis walks in.

Scrubs... Rumor "Patrick looks so cute when he is down on one knee in the interrogation room. Too bad the handcuffs get in the way of pulling Robin in his arms."

Nikadine... Nadine tries to play it cool with Nik by kissing Spinelli.Nik doesn't understand, but Elizabeth breaks it down for him. Expect them to hop in bed again in the next 2 weeks.

Skate... Sonny wants the business back but Jason won't budge.Sonny makes a deal to join the Zaccharas.Sonny and Olivia do have a son, named Dante. And Kate knows.

SID Top 100 Greatest Couples

100. Jason & Leanna OLTL
99. Langley & Phobe AMC
98. Stefan & Laura GH
97. Alex & Ava Loving
96. Sloan & Viki OLTL
95. Jermey & Natalie AMC
94. Charlie & Cecily AMC
93. Scott & Dominique GH
92. Rafe & Allison PC
91. Luke & Tracy GH
90. Adam & Liza AMC
89. Edward & Lila GH (OrginalEdward)
88. Johnny & Maeve RH
87. Kevin & Lucy PC/GH
86. Ric & Alexis GH
85. Cris & Jessica OLTL
84. Tony & Bobbie GH
83. Joey & Dorian OLTL
82. Rex & Adrianna OLTL
81. Mac & Felicia GH
80. Stefan & Katherine GH
79. Adam & Krystal AMC
78 Jax & Carly GH
77. Bo & Sarah OLTL
76. Brian & Haley AMC
75 Jason & Sam GH
74 Rick & Lesley GH
70 Ned & Alexis GH
68 Jagger & Karen GH
67 Steve & Audrey GH
64 Emily & Zander GH
59 Dillon & Georgie GH
56 Scotty & Laura GH
55 Scotty & Lucy GH

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chris said...

I'm almost done with this show cause this Jerry BS s/l is aweful all it does it make Sam look bad.