Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spoilers Oct 1


J-Lex/Sam... Lucky spends more time with Sam. He talks to her after Alexis finds her with Jerry. Sam is arrested later on because Jerry is angry that Alexis dumped him. Lucky fills Alexis in Sam and Alexis talk, Sam is let go. Alexis confronts Jerry about him and Karpov. Sam spies on Jerry with Karpov. Jerry is asked to kill Alexis. Jerry warns Alexis. Alexis doesn't believe him. Jerry surprisingly tells Sam that her mother is a target and to watch out. Jerry attempts to protect Alexis in his own way. Alexis goes off on Jerry after Sam is arrested. Jerry tries to tell her about Karpov's threats but she walks away. Rumors say that Jerry kidnaps Sam come this fall. Jerry wants revenge against Sam because the whole thing blew up in his face and cost him Alexis. He never really believed Sam was going all dark, he was trying to make her give in first and admit she didn't want him, she was lying and see what she was really up to. In the end Jerry and Sam's con games blew up in their faces, Jerry lost Alexis and he's very angry at Sam. Jerry wants revenge on Sam because he's upset over Alexis. He has her arrested.

Lunacy... All is not smooth sailing for Tracy and Luke upon Luke's homecoming.

Scrubs... Rumored: For one week, GH will flashforward and have Adrianna Scorpio tell the "future".

Skate... Olivia comes down on Sonny for his interaction with Claudia and the mob.

DiMax... Max is afraid that Diane will be taken by the real mob boss in his family

Jolu... Johnny finds out Lulu was telling the truth about the notes and Laura. As Johnny spirals out of control, Lulu picks herself up and gets out of Shadybrooke.Jaws drop when it is revealed that Laura is indeed real but did someone aready know? This is going to be a good twist.Apon hearing Laura is real, Johnny regrets that he didn't have more faith in Lulu but Lulu lays into him about trust and faith.Lulu sill loves Johnny but refueses to give him another chance.

L&L2... Liz realizes Lucky is worried about Sam and that he is in love with her. She tells him he is a good man and a good father. On Oct 16th Liz admits to Lucky that she took his love and devotion for granted. She says that even after everything she did, he still has not left her boys. She calls him the "best father that Cam and Jake could ever hope to have."

JaSam... Oh I've been waiting for JaSam scenes. Rumors suggest that On Friday October 17th, Jasam are locked up together in the PCPD interregation room. It lasts for only two scenes. Jason assumes that Sam was arrested for assaulting Jerry. They talk a little about Samexis and Jason protecting her sisters. Sam does not reveal that she is working for Karpov. Jason is released and just misses Sasha who arrives to get Sam released.

Liason... While pushing Liz away Jason is not gentle with Liz. He is down right brutal. At one point, he asks her if she would let Cam and Jake grow up without a mother. Liz rolls her eyes and walks out

VM... "Lifetime is blushing with pride after snagging Vanessa Marcil to head its new makeup reality series. The former Beverly Hills 90210-er and General Hospital resident will host the network's Blush: The Search for the Next Makeup Artist (think Project Runway for comestologists), Variety reports. Also announced for the six-episode series are makeup artist Charlie Green, who will play the Tim Gunn-mentor card, and Hal Rubenstein, In Style fashion director, and makeup artist Joanna Schlip as judges. Originally greenlit as a companion show for Lifetime's newly acquired — but now in jeopardy — Runway, Blush will now make its debut solo Nov. 11 at 10 pm/ET."

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