Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spoilers 10/21

- Jason will be helping out sam during sweeps. They will reconnect and bond. Teaming back up like they did in the past will make them think about their relationship and Baby girl McCall.
- Lucky comes back and will be involved with the two in the final moments. Lucky will start feeling insecure and will think something more could happen between the two. Sam will tell him that she only wants him. Lucky wants to be with sam, but there is still things they have to work through concerning the Jerry stuff. In the end, Lucky will walk away leaving sam broken hearted.
-After sweeps, Jason/Sam will continue to work together, and get closer. Sam's PH does blow up, but she does not move in with Jason.
- Liz during sweeps will be involved with Scrubs and Matt. She will be working with matt and bonding with him.
- Jason will continue to push liz away more than ever. Liz will be fustrated, but continue to fight for him. She will make it known that it is not fair for carly/maxie/sam to be able to be around him, but not her.
- Meanwhile, Matt will be around giving her attention. (Think patrick/Liz in 06')
- Liz will find out about the almost MOC between Jason/Claudia and that will be the final nail with Jason. She will give up and let go. She will give matt a chance.
- Jason will be sad, but he will think its for the best. Liz/Jake are away and safe. This is what he wants. Spin tries to convince him otherwise.
- Jason/Sam will turn to eachother and work their way back to a relationship.
- Lucky and liz will be a bait and switch only for liz to go to matt and lucky to go to nadine.
- Something will happen to Nik that will cause nadine and Lucky to have more interaction. There will be a mini Lucky/Nadine/Nik triangle in the beginning until Nik moves on temporarily with Carly.

I will also say that matt will be angst for spin/Maxie. It will be liz/matt/maxie/Matt in the beginning but in the end it will be Spin/Maxie and Liz/Matt
- Claudia/Sonny get married. It will be made very clear that he only loves kate, but they will be going through alot of rough patches and will have major trust issues. Kate dealing with the MOC and Sonny finding out about his son will really test the couple. After while there will be push and pull between them/Longing/Stolen moments after things blow over for the most part until things start getting out of hand mob wise.
- Olivia will not be an issue romantically. She will be a form of angst only because of her son.
- Ric will not be happy about the MOC nor about the close call MOC between her and Jason. Claudia will also not be happy about certain things ric will be keeping from her concerning AZ/Trevor. Even though this will be going on between them, they will still want each other. Sometimes they will give in and at other times they will try and play each other for info. Claudia will start becoming Ric's weakness.
- While Kate is going through this rough patch with sonny, she will turn to Jax for a little while. Jax trying to distracted himself from Carly will be willing to step up for Kate. This will not sit well with carly and she will step things up with Nik.
- Once again push and pull between Jax/Carly. They will be trying to one up eachother and get the other to come crawling back. It will backfire because one of them will start falling for the person they are with.

Scrubs... Robin's marginal placenta previa (where the placenta is merely low and anterior) turns into full blow placenta previa (where the placenta blocks the cervix). They don't realize this until she is in labor and pushing for a while and it results in her having to have an emergency c-section as well as some blood on blood contact. Robin may require a hysterectomy.

Clic... Ric is not happy about the plan for Claudia and Sonny and the almost MOC with Jason. Ric and Claudia will be having sex when the bombs are going off.

J-Lex... Rumors: Jerry arranges the hit on Sam and then calls Alexis to set up a date. Jlex are in bed enjoying some afterglow on Friday, Oct 31 while Sam finds herself cornered on the same day. Jerry intends to use Alexis as an alibi while he has men kill her daughter.

Sason...Sonny is focused on Karpov but he does tell his men that if Jason stand in their way, to take care of him.

Day by Day
Episode: "Scott's Explanation"
Scott explains how he accidentallly killed Rick Webber and let Laura take the blame.

Episode: "Anthony Collapses"
Anthony collapses while arguing with Claudia; Olivia gets rid of Claudia and later confronts Sonny.

Episode: "Anthony is Rushed to the Hospital"
Anthony is rushed to the hospital and Patrick decides to operate; Jason and Elizabeth's special moment is cut short by Robin, Maxie and Mac.

Episode: "Robin is Confident"
Robin is confident Patrick won't leave her at the altar; Scott and Laura remember the good old days.

Episode: "Robin and Patrick's Wedding"
Robin and Patrick's wedding begins and ends without drama; Karpov makes his move against Sonny.

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spoiledbyGH said...

I love your scoop! I am not liking that Sonny and Claudia plan to marry. I never like his coupling with Kate and am routing for a Sonny/Olivia reunion!