Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Updated Spoilers

Claudia and Jason team up to go after Anthony, Trevor and Ric.
Lucky gets Sam out just in time.
Patrick makes a medical decision for Robin.
Sonny cannot choose Kate over the business.
Nadine is in serious trouble and Nik is not around.

Explosion... The places the will explode are the docks, Karpov's warehouse, the hospital and Karpov's ship. Two people are rumored to die. One being and Jerry and who else??

Scott... Scott tells Laura he killed Rick Webber and how he did it and why he let Laura take the blame.

Liason... Liz and Jason will have a moment before Robin's wedding.

AZ... Anthony will suffer from a stroke while arguing with Claudia. He is taken to the hospital and Patrick runs late to his own wedding while having to operate on the Mobster.

Drakes... Patrick and Matt will have some brotherly bonding.

Matt dies a horrible death at the hands of Dante,Olivia and Sonny's son and Spinelli's evil twin.
Spinelli and Maxie have sex in the hospital after an explosion.
Spinelli's parental units are revealed to be Trevor Lansing and Domenica making Ric Lansing his brother and Claudia Zachara his sister.
Trevor dies during sweeps.

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