Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spoilers 10/7 updated at 4

***Laura returns on the 23rd and Tracy makes things worse for Luke on 20th.

Dante... Olivia doesn't want Dante anywhere near Sonny, because she knows that Sonny would want a relationship with him -- and that spells "being involved with the mob." Which after seeing what being close to Sonny costs she doesn't want her boy anywhere near him. Look for Dante to stand up to Sonny and have a romance that will cause drama.

Maximus... Look for him to appear wednesday for 8 episodes and he's rumored to return in February.

Possible Sweeps Info... "Sweeps opens with a big BANG. Guza is looking to out do the scabs bridge scene with an elaborate explosion. Apparently they love Kelly in green" DD

Skate... Olivia makes Kate promise to continue keeping her secret even if Dante comes to PC.

Zacharras.... Ric declines Johnny's offer to betray Anthony.

Corinthos/Morgan... Jason decides he must make a move against Sonny. Rumor is that Bernie is the traitor in the org.

Spixie... Spinelli thinks his luck with women is changing.

Drug ring... Jerry drugs Nadine and then sets his sights on Sam. Lucky tells Alexis about Sam's undercover work. Sam doesn't tell Lucky about the hot tub escapade with Jerry. When the Police department and alexis tells Lucky the truth of what went on in the hot tub because they witnessed it when the Police come for Sam.

Jolu... Johnny asks Carly to check on her. Carly tells him maybe he should do it himself and Carly tells him of her breakdown. Carly's words touch Johnny. He ends up at Shadybrooke and is stuns when Lulu is "missing"

Liason... Liz calls Jason and asks him to meet her at the studio and that she needs help with something there. Jason shows up and Liz wants Jason to help her paint.

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