Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spoilers 10/8

*** Breaking News Rumors Genie Francis will be put on Contract, Megan Ward is Out. Sebastian Roche has been let go.

Sweeps... A huge explosion spreads and becomes a dangerous fire that lasts the first two weeks of sweeps. Guza is doing his typical thing where he mixes and matches people being stuck together and forced to work together. Because of this drama Liason will not share scenes during sweeps until at least the third week and neither will Lusam. Sam disappears during the first explosion. The fire spreads and most of PC loses power. There is a second explosion a week later as a result of the fire. PC residents believe that Mac, Jason, Sonny, Johnny, Jerry and Carly may be dead because of the second explosion.

Sonny has Liz kidnapped for a little pay back on Jason.

Sebastian Roche... It seems that it is true that he has been let go. There are Rumors popping back up that Jerry tries to rape Sam and Lucky catches him and kills him. Other Rumors include an Irina redux except Jerry saves Alexis instead.

Johnny does break up with her for good for her own good. She, in turn, does become very strong. They both still love each other, but will go their seperate ways for a while. They will be back together by February sweeps.

Ric will let Claudia in on the secret that it was her father who shot Kate. Look for these two to get much closer during sweeps.

Metro Court... Nikolas and Carly come to an agreement and she is ready to give up her interest in The Metro Court. Jax is furious.

Drug Ring... Nadine poses as a maid and raids Jerry's room at The Metro Court. Jerry busts her.

Crimson... Maxie single-handily runs Crimson. Olivia drops by to see what the fuss is all about.

Nikadine... Nik and Nadine Make Love and Carly walks in.

Skate... Kate feels guilty when Sonny waits on her hand and foot. Olivia has a confrontation with Dante on the phone which is overheard by Claudia. Sonny finally decides to tell Kate everything. He explains why he needs to go back to his business in order to send a signal to his enemies that shooting her was the biggest mistake they could’ve made.

LuSam... Lucky and Sam plan for their future together. There ILYs Moving in together is all still expected to happen. Expect to see LuSam have more love scenes then any other couple in a long time.

Robin/Kate... Robin wants Kates help to keep Sonny out of the mob. Kate asks Robin would she keep a baby a secret if the father was a man like sonny.

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