Monday, November 10, 2008

11/10 Spoilers!!!

Scrubs... Robin makes a comment on what their life would be like had she and Patrick never gotten together and so Patrick falls asleep and has a dream. In the dream he and Robin never got together, he's with Liz and Robin's going on a date with Matt. He and Robin still bantor and argue but apparently it's later revealed they don't hate each other as much as they led the other to believe. He and Liz break up in the dream because he's clearly not happy with her and the dream ends with Scrubs both at Jake's where he asks her to dance and she surprisingly agrees. Patrick is woken up by Emma crying where having realized how miserable his life would be without Robin, he proposes to her again and they agree on a wedding after Christmas. Patrick and Robin enjoy life as a family and Matt and Emma spend time together.

Nikadine... Nik starts to move on with his life with the help of Laura. Nikolas tells Laura that Emily can't be replaced but that he needs to move on. Jax buys wyndamere.

Spixie... Spinelli confesses to Maxie how he really feels and her response is shocking. Spin goes to the Zacharra's seeking revenge. Maxie is drugged by the russians.

Jolu... Johnny pulls Lulu to safety and wants answers. Johnny lashes out at Sonny.

Skate/CarJax... Sonny is arrested for Karpov's Murder, Carly is his alibi she'll claim they were in bed at the time of the murder. Jax isn't happy and tells Kate the news. Jax sides with Kate. Kate confronts Sonny and Jax backs up Kate in front of Carly.

Jake... While leaving town Sam and Liz realize they are being followed. Liz goes to the Cabin, and 2 men are standing outside of it. Sam and Liz hide the boys. Sam finds a shotgun and gives it to Liz. A russian is shooting and Sam and Liz fires back. At this time somebody sneaks in and steals Jake. He is not taken because they know he is Jason's its random. Liz finds out that Jake is with Sasha and Sam and Jason go rescue him.

Liason... There is a rumored promo that will air during SSW and it has Liz shooting a guy before he can stab Sam to death. Liz and Jason will become closer than ever when she breaks down over what she has done. Jason will be the one to help her and Liason will spend Christmas together. Liz goes to Ric for help regarding some perjury charges from last year and to make some other documents legal.

LuSam... Sam and Lucky get engaged.

Slaudia... Sonny and Claudia are not married long. Kate reconsiders her break up with Sonny and agrees to see him in secret because she doesn't want Claudia to win.

Lunacy... Hearing Tracy and Luke divorse.

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