Friday, November 7, 2008

Spoilers 11/7

Not Much today.

Liason/LuSam... Jason and Liz argue about danger with saying he cant' be around. Lucky and Liz argue about how Jason is dangerous. Jason wants Liz to leave PC with the boys. Sam thinks she needs to go too because Sasha knows her so Lucky says he'll go with them. Jason feels ok leaving knowing Lucky will be with them.Jason leaves, and Lucky gets called away.Sam and Liz decide to go alone. Liz calls and tells Jason, he is worried that they are alone. She says they will be fine. They are being followed and have no idea. After realizing someone is after them, Liz tries to call Jason but the line to the cabin has been cut and no cell service. At same time, Jason is being arrested for arson. Jason and Lucky go to the cabin to find the girls but they and the boys are gone. Liz's car is still there though.

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