Friday, November 14, 2008


Sorry there was no spoilers yesterday. I went to the Patriots game.....

Skate... Skate is no done. Sonny will love Kate and they will meet in secret. He will form a friendship of some sort with Claudia... Rumors say that casting of Dante has been scrapped. (don't know how they'd get a way with that) they feel like having Sonny have a 20yr old son would age him too much. Kate and Jax gets intimate, they reveal their intention to each other.

Carly... Carly begins her destructive path again as she meets someone at Jake's.

L&L2... the rumor out there now is that they will become close with the kidnapping of Jake and may even share a kiss. Rumors also say that she'll tells the russians she's Jason's fiance and offers herself in exchange for Jake.

JaSam... Jason will torture a man with Sam in the background.

Spencers... rumors say Genie Francis will be back around March. It's nice to see her back on our Screen.

Maxie... The russians see her at Kelly's and then spots her with Sam. She's then drugged and left on the same steps that poor Georgie died. Spinelli then finds her and brings her to GH.

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