Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spoilers 11/12

According to SOD on Dec 2nd, Claudia finds Jake crying in a dumpster.

Nadine... Aunt Rayleen is coming to town!! According to SID Saturday Night Live alum Mary Gross will debut as Nadine’s favorite much discussed Aunt Rayleen.

Haunted Star??? Rumors are saying that Johnny and Luke play a game of cards to decide the fate of the HS.

Luke and Tracy... Tracy will overhear Lulu saying that Laura is the one that decided that they couldn't together. Expect to see a more vulnerable side of Tracy. Tracy will be shocked when Luke shares his true feelings.

Sason... Jason will cut all ties with Sonny. Jason and Cody discuss plans to take the russians down. Jason has a plan to blow the warehouse up leaving NO survivors. He doesn't know that Sam is inside who offered her services to Sasha. Luckily Lucky knows shes in there and is saved. This is when Sam's cover is blown and she decides to go out of town with Liz. Jason and Bernie talk about the organization and the men are furious at Sonny for unleashing the Russians rage.

Slaudia... When Claudia learns it was Daddy who shot Kate she tells Sonny and he tells her his plan to work anthony from the inside.

Russians.. All the russians have matching tattoos on their wrists.

Liason... Once again Jason will tell Liz he can't be with her because of the danger.

JaSam... Maxie will question Sam asking if her feelings for Jason resurfaced.

Maurice/Dante... Maurice Bernard is extrememly close to signing a deal to extend his stay on GH. Dante has not been cast the deal with David Lago fell through.

Spixie... Spinelli confesses his love to Maxie and she falls unconscious. Spinelli vows revenge on the russians but like Spinelli's plans it doesn't quite work. Thank god Jason is there to help him with the Russians.

Carly&Olivia... Looks there may be a friendship forming here. The two of them get a couple of drinks together and Olivia shares her feelings for Sonny and Carly discusses her love for Jax. Olivia later witnesses the proposal to Claudia and the "big rock". Sonny admits that he asked Kate out out of revenge for Olivia dumping him.

CarJax... Rumors say Sonny gives Carly a gun for protection. Carly witnesses Jax and Kate in a intimate session in front of the fire place and once she sees the clothes come off she draws near with the gun it tote.

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