Wednesday, November 26, 2008

11/26 Spoilers Updated @5

Updates are in RED

**According to SID Maurice signed a new deal. No news of the terms.

JaSam... Liason fans beware rumors are saying that Becky and Steve are getting blamed by Frons for the bad writing. JaSam moments bring ratings up so they could be coming!

CarJax... I'm hearing that Carly and Jax will eventually reunite but it will be a bumpy road. Also hearing that the divorce will not be finalized. After witnessing Kate and Jax together Carly declares war. Carly gets Nik to help her with Jax and gets Lulu to get inside information on Connie. By the end of next week Carly gets Kate where it hurts most.

Scrubs... Patrick and Robin discuss having Matt and Maxie as god parents. The latest issue of SID says that Luke does interact with Robert. Expect to see Robert and Emma together.

Lunacy... The Q's go to Luke for help because Tracy is going on a rampage at the mansion and hope by Luke moving back in it'll calm Tracy down. Tracy decides to head to the Dominican Republic for a speedy divorce but Luke is already there waiting for her. He ends up getting Tracy drunk and share a conversation how he wants to be married to her but Tracy reads between the lines.

Slaudia... Sonny has all the Z power and Claudia has something else on her mind, she hopes they'll get intimate. Sonny assures Claudia that there will be No consummating their marriage but when Sonny witnesses Ric kissing Claudia he informs her there will be NO hooking up under his roof. Claudia may just be cutting off her affair with Ric because she wants to be fully committed to her marriage. After Sonny tries to reconcile with Kate, but is unsuccessful he may just consummate his marriage with Claudia.

Liason... Sasha will be at the PCPD saying really nasty things to Liz about Jake and Jason. This will only prove what she was already feeling. Liz then drives home where Lucky will be to comfort her. Sam is rumored to put Jake back in Liz's arms. Liason will still semi be together but then Jason calls things off and tells her of an account with millions in it for her and the boys to share a great life. Jason and Sam find baby Jake at an abandoned mine and they get trapped. They manage to escape and find Jake's whereabouts in the mine. They break their way in but the mine explodes.

Rumors: Bill Warlock will play Dante.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

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