Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas on SoapNet

Looks like SoapNet has something special for GH fans planned. December 25 8-10 p.m. Soapnet will be airing "The Most Of Christmas Past" with Bradford Anderson and Kirstin Storms as hosts.

SoapNet will be airing:

8PM – General Hospital Episode #1996-8637 (original air date 12/24/96) - Sonny helps out by taking over as a Christmas tree salesman; Jax and Brenda spend the holiday together and Jason shares special Christmas wishes with Lila and Robin.

9PM – General Hospital Episode #1998-9151 (original air date 12/24/98) – Lucky and Liz say they love each other for the first time and then exchange gifts with Nikolas and Emily; Monica asks Edward to play Santa and Alan to read the Christmas story at the hospital party.

10PM – General Hospital Episode #2004-10689 (original air date 12/24/04) – Ric and Alexis are rescued from the woods in time to celebrate Kristina’s Christening with Sonny and Carly; Emily shares Christmas dinner with Nikolas, who’s in jail.

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