Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spoilers 12/10

**Not much today, hearing that there is some re-writes going on.

Liz... Lucky learns that Liz will not leave her house. Patrick asks Lucky if Liz is ok because she hasn't been coming to work. Patrick tells Lucky at GH while Lucky is visiting Sam. Liz does go to Scrubs wedding.

Scrubs... Patrick receives a phone call from Noah around the time of the wedding but Noah will not be present. Robert turns down Robin's request to walk her down the aisle.

Kax... Jax tells Kate he's going to visit Lady Jane in Australia for the holidays.

Claudia... Jerry leaves little "suprises" around for Claudia to find, she has to get them all before Sonny sees. Claudia says NO to Sonny.

Sasha... Sasha orders a hit and most likely it's against Sam.

Nikadine... Aunt Raylene dies and Nikadine attends the funeral.

Megan Ward was asked to commit early or give notice because the show had a longterm story plan for Kate that includes baby Jax.Did not want to start that arc if MW were to leave in May so said agree now to stay so we can start this story or they would just go a head to write her out.She choose not to commit big story come January will pave way for exit.The destruction of Kate is just beginning.Look for Olivia to save the day.Barring any last minute changes of heart Kate's on way out.This is what the source has said, someone in the know.Announcement prob coming in January or February and she will be fully out in March sweeps.

Someone dies, someone loses a career and someone marries the wrong person, all as a result of Dante not knowing who is father is.

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