Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spoilers 12/11

Scrubs... The latest rumor suggest that Spinelli may help Robin with Baby Emma. Why does Robert say no to walking Robin down the aisle? It seems that Robert feels that Mac deserves the privileged more than he does. Mac assures Robert that he should be the one to walk her down the aisle and he agrees. Robin will finally learn how to calm baby Emma. Christmas Eve should be when Robin and Pat's wedding takes place. Patrick tries to convince Robin to see Lainey professionally.

Sam... When Sam is trapped in the pit is rumored to be when her dream sequence takes place.

LuSam... Lucky tells Sam she's as dangerous for the boys and so is Jason.

Slaudia... Claudia plays a trick on Olivia.

Carly... Carly worries about Morgan not having a father figure in his life.

Kate... The Feds want Kate to give up everything she knows about Sonny, she is tempted to do it.

Kaboom... Someone dangerous is lurking around the hospital spying on the doctors and nurses.

Dante... Casting Dante has been difficult and one option may be just to bring Michael back.

L&L2... Elizabeth and Lucky talk about what went wrong when they were married.

2009... Well the "Big stunt that has never been done before on daytime" may just be a MC Crisis re-do. It's hinted to be a Hospital Crisis. Guza hints that Kate may turn on Sonny.

NYE...Karen Harris wrote the NYE episode and says it is about "couples and romance" Montage: Patrick/Robin/Emma, Lucky/Liz/Kids, Jason with Sam visiting, Johnny, Lulu, Spinelli, and Maxie together, Sonny with Claudia and Olivia, Carly with Morgan.

JaSam... Hearing a lot of the JaSam scenes were cut like during her dream sequence. The writer's don't want us to think that Sam is secretly wanting Jason while with Lucky. Sam and Jason get closer.

Roomates... Maxie and Johnny are uncomfortable around each other after Maxie walks in on a naked Johnny.

Sonny... Sonny gets emotional when he visits Michael for the first time since he dropped him off.

  • Joey Baker is the New Michael
  • GH is looking to cast a dark haired 20-ish male character for the hospital side.
  • Carly and Olivia become friends and bond. Carly finds out about Dante and that Kate knew and did not tell Sonny
  • This week was the beginning of the end for Carjax. There may be a few more kisses or conversations but Carly and Jax will start moving on, but the plan is to keep them on good terms so they can re-visit. Frons has decided Jarly gets too much screen time without being a romantic pairing so one of two things will happen, it will go away or it will go romantic. My guess is it will go away. Megan Ward is on her way out as many others have already indicated leaving the path clear for Olivia and Claudia. Rick Hearst is NOT leaving. Michael has already been re-casted but they're still looking for Dante. Rumors are flying about NL returning as a different character, much like SJB.

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