Friday, December 12, 2008

Spoilers 12/12

Not much out there for today, but heres what I have.

S&C... Carly allows Sonny to spend time with Morgan for Christmas. Rumor: Sonny visits Michael and Carly shows up at the same time. Michael is shown on screen. (I'm hearing Sonny does visit Michael but I'm not sure if he will actually be shown)

LuMax... Lulu and Maxie meet their new neighboor and like what they see, making Johnny and Spinelli see green.

Liason.. Today Jason will inform Liz about money in an account for her and the boys, and tell her it'll look like Emily had left it to her. Jason takes his agression out on a punching bag.

LuSam... Sam will continue to investigate the russians even though Lucky is against it. Lucky will be with Sam when she awakes in the hospital but she may not end up saying his name. Will she say Jason??

Spin... Jason tells Spin he should move out.

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