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1/12 Spoilers

About the BioToxin: The Terrorist threat in Port Charles leading to the release of the bio-toxin is related to control of the docks and use of the shipping lanes in Port Charles. The man being operated on is a man inadvertently injured in a an accident on docks unloading crates from a shipment. It is through this accident he becomes exposed to the biotoxin which ultimately infects the hospital. Rumor: The company that wants the plow patent is the same one that unleashes the bio-toxin by working with terrorists. It was unleashed to take out Nadine

Scrubs... Robin is in attendance at the fundraiser for Michael. She is sidelined after she administered bad meds and she clearly isn't acting herself.
Next Week: Robin is about to admit she has a problem, but Matt shows up. Patrick and Robin sit back and watch as sparks fly between Maxie and Matt. Robin playfully admits to Patrick that Matt reminds her of him when they first met. Patrick recalls events leading up to the mysterious catastrophe at the hospital. Worried that Carly is setting herself up for heartbreak where Michael is concerned, Jason makes an appointment to meet with Patrick. Nikolas admits to a sympathetic Robin that he's still not completely over Emily. Patrick asks Jason, and later Nikolas, if they think Robin is acting like her normal self. Carly drops in on Robin to invite her to the benefit and is taken aback when Robin snaps at her after Emma starts to cry. Patrick realizes there's a disaster in the making at the hospital. Carly admits to Patrick she thinks Robin is suffering from past partum depression. Robin struggles with motherhood. Patrick races to avert a catastrophe at the hospital. Robin becomes more and more depressed.

Jolu... Lulu is ill for most of the crisis. Johnny is acting crazy outside the hospital looking for a way to get in and help Lulu.

L&L2... Liz goes down early on and Lucky is at her side through out, there are some close calls for Liz. on Monday Liz starts the snow fight when she hits Lucky in the back of the head after he admits that he lied about liking her carrot cake. Lucky puts his career and life in jeopardy by breaking quarantine.

Rexis... Alexis and Ric frantically try to get aid for Molly.

Slaudia... Claudia agrees to help Sonny get what he needs to bring her father down.

CarJax... Carly gets sick, not Jax. Carly is sick enough that Jason feels the need to get in to see her. Jason and Carly share some close words that make Jax feel insignificant. Jax learns the truth about Dante.

Rebecca... Rebecca is going to be renting Robin's apartment and in town on business for Kate and Jax. Rebecca and Nik have some scenes where Rebecca is about to call the cops on Nik because he's freaking her out. Finally, someone explains to her what the deal is with her resemblance to Emily. However, Nik and Nadine are still together so it doesn't go very far. Rumor: Matt and Rebecca have a past but it doesn't include a wedding ring.

Skate... Sonny attends the gala alone but Kate comes to support him along with Olivia. Kate and Sonny are together a good portion of the crisis and exchange several kisses which upsets Claudia. Kate does not tell Sonny about Dante or about the dvd she found implicating Claudia in Michael's shooting. Olivia tells Sonny she knows he still loves Kate but warns him since he's married to Claudia and back in the mob that he should stay out of Kate's life for her own good. Kate tells Olivia that secrets are tearing her world apart. Sonny tells Kate it's too painful to be near her. Claudia overhears Olivia and Kate talking about Dante.

Sonny... Johnny makes a deal with Sonny. Later Johnny lies to Claudia about it.

Clic... Ric covers for Claudia when Anthony becomes suspicious. Ric asks Claudia to trust in him.

Spixie... Maxie tells Spinelli she can't help him. Winifred confesses to Spinelli all about Rayner.

JaSam... Jason and Sam are barred from the hospital. Jason threatens Rayner.

Matxie... They are being tested. At this point Matt continues to pursue Maxie and she ultimately agrees to go out on a date with him. He and she attend the fundraiser together.

Sam... Sam talks Anthony into giving her a job. She gives him the song and dance about how Jason cheated on her, dumped her, broke her heart, she hates his guts etc. She also gives him the song and dance that Sonny was mean to her when she was carrying his child. So she wants Anthony to hire her without Sonny or Jason's knowledgewhich he agrees to because remember hes trying to bring both men down. Sam will share the screen with Claudia Jan 16. Sam tells Lucky she's working for Anthony the 21st. Sam offers Anthony a way to smuggle his shipments through Jason's territory without being caught. Jason nearly exposes Sam to Anthony.

Dante... Rumor is we'll see him Jan 26. Dante comes to town and his identity will surprise many.

Nikadine... Nikolas is torn between his new feelings for Nadine and his love of Emily -- and when someone who looks just like Emily shows up in town, it makes things even more difficult. Nikolas and Nadine make a very important decision regarding their future.

Luke... Luke meets with a mysterious stranger from his past.

Monica... Monica has heartbreaking scenes about all the losses in her life. She just tells Patrick to let her go be with Alan but he fights for her life anyway. Patrick has it out with Tracy over Monica. Monica sees Alan again.

Trevor... Trevor will have a secret or two to come out.

Here are the daytime actors who are ranked in the top 10,000 for all celebrities. These rankings change regularly so this is just a fun look at how they stack up today. In case you're wondering Robert Pattinson is ranked #1 right now, Brad Pitt is #5, Johnny Depp is #13 and Verne Troyer is #1,858.

Actor - Rank
Eden Riegel - 854
Kirsten Storms - 2,428
Marcy Rylan - 3,809
Eric Braeden - 4,016
Alison Sweeney - 4,168
Bryton McClure - 4,184
Nia Peeples - 4,369
Susan Lucci - 4,460
Daniel Goddard - 4,526
Steve Burton - 4,775
Shawn Christian - 4,933
Hunter Tylo - 5,198
Kimberly McCullough - 5,255
Jeanne Cooper - 5,286
Kelly Monaco - 5,371
Adrienne Frantz - 5,809
Ronn Moss - 6,041
Katherine Kelly Lang - 6,433
Michelle Stafford - 6,875
Bradford Anderson - 6,937
Daniel Cosgrove - 7,123
Kristian Alfonso - 7,384
Deidre Hall - 7,363
Rebecca Budig - 7,429
Eileen Davidson - 7,442
Jennifer Gareis - 7,867
Elizabeth Hendrickson - 8,043
Tamara Braun - 8,439
Christel Khalil - 8,552
A Martinez - 8,789
Heather Tom - 8,871
Melody Thomas Scott - 9,206
Susan Flannery - 9,448
Jacob Young - 9,623
Joshua Morrow - 9,675
Davida Williams - 10,684
Cameron Mathison - 11,096
Van Hansis - 11,310
Alicia Minshew - 11,442
Farah Fath - 11,564
Jason Thompson - 12,368
Terri Colombino - 12,628
Anthony Geary - 12,933
Trevor St. John - 13,526
Maurice Benard - 13,548
Jake Silbermann - 16,057
Kim Zimmer - 16,109
Noelle Beck - 16,485
Michael Easton - 17,076
Austin Peck - 20,049
Maura West - 20,198
Roger Howarth - 20,816
Erika Slezak - 23,374
Darnell Williams - 28,712
Crystal Chappell - 33,907
Roger Newcomb - 2,594,348

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