Friday, January 9, 2009

More Spoilers on Hospital Crisis

Jason is working with the FBI when the crisis starts. Jason is on his own with Sam trying to help, the FBI and other people are too busy trying to control the whole town because not only is the hospital is in danger but also the whole town if someone gets out.

Characters During the Crisis:

Jason- Trying to get inside to help
Sam- With Jason trying to get inside to help
Lulu-Falls and hits her head and needs surgery
Johnny-Trying to find a way inside to be there for Lulu's surgery.
Matt-Performing Lulu's surgery.
Liz-Becomes Ill after being exposed to the biotoxin.
Robin-Is at the Gala but sidelineds when she hands out the wrong medication.
Patrick-Supervising things because Monica is quarantined.
Monica-Is in the surgery when the biotoxin is released. Becomes Ill
Jax-With Carly
Carly-With Jax, Carly may become Ill
Sonny-At the gala with Olivia and Kate.
Olivia-At the gala with Sonny and Kate, watching Kate so she doesn't spill the Dante secret.
Kate- At the gala with Sonny and Olivia.
Ric-Becomes Ill from the Biotoxin.
Alexis-on the sidelines worrying about Ric, threatening Sonny if this is mob related.
Leyla-Becomes Ill from Biotoxin and dies
Trevor-Dies from biotoxin or something else.
Lucky-Outside with the PCPD

Insider quote
"Edward and Tracy will be there. Even Bobbie will make an appearance.
Monica will be on duty so she will go upstairs. All the nurses are here. The
Zacharas are all here to ''support'' Sonny but in fact they have their own
agenda though the focus will shift when the crisis start. There are dayplayers
there playing patients and almost all of them will die to make the crisis more
dramatic. The people on the outside include Jason and Sam, the Police, FBI, but
eventually some agents will get inside to investigate and question the doctors,
that's when they find patrick, lock him up and try to get him to tell them
everything he knows, at first he doesnt want to waste time with this but he is
forced to talk or he goes to jail."

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