Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Claire Coffee Off Contract

Seems that the inevitable has happened Claire Coffee has been taken off contract status. I'm hearing she still will be recurring.

Heres the message she left on her message board:

Hi Everyone!
It's been a while since I've stopped by...
I sort of figured this was coming, but wanted to be absolutely certain until I relayed the news.
I have been taken off contract, effective February 8. It's a mutual decision; I completely understand the stresses of the producers and writers and the Nadine storyline seemed to coming to a close. I won't be exploding in a ball of hospital flames, but you probably won't see me much around the hospital, either. Tough times in the economy, Port Charles included! Jill Phelps has been incredibly supportive and I have nothing but respect and reverence for my time at GH. Thank YOU ALL for your support.

Signing off,


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Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed. I love Nadine and Claire Coffee. She is a talented actress. GH writers know how to ruin a potential character. If Nadine was a flop, I blame the writers and not the actress. Claire deserves anything but applause for playing Nadine and whatever writers gave for that character. GH is making a mistake letting her go. If they can't pair Nadine with Nik, why can't they pair her with someone else? Why all of Nik's pairing either die or leave town? I think it is not the ladies but the character Nikolas. Sunny can have so many ex wives / girlfirends in town but not Nikolas. Wait sonny is a mobster. So it all comes to Nik seeing Emily again. GH cannot blame economy, we know why they did this happen. I don't think GH paid her that much since she was new. But they bring back old ones from dead. Sorry I have nothing against anyone. However I could not digest this news. GH please give newcomers a chance to grow. Don't use them and throw away within a year. Nadine changed Nikolas's character in to light, funny, sweet prince. My only hope is Nadine breaks it off with Nikolas (who whines about Emily). She deserves a better farewell.
All the best Claire.