Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spoilers 1/21

Theres a lot out there today, and its hard to decipher what is true and what is false so please take with a grain of salt =D

Dante/Ethan... Rumor is that Ethan is Dante. His story is with Sonny. This is just the way he's being introduced. He does have an Australian accent in his first scenes. But in the next scenes, Luke finds him hustling some guys at pool, and the accent has mysteriously disappeared. Luke is ready to get physical with Ethan when he gets the word that Tracy and Lulu are in the hospital and probably dead. Ethan decides to go along with him. Once they are there, Ethan is actually the one who 'rescues' Lulu. But before Luke can thank him, he disappears into the crowd. Later on, Luke tracks him down hustling someone at pool again, and offers him a job. Ethan cheats at cards and Luke doesn't catch on to how he did it until after he has left. He wants Dante to do the same thing at the casino and rip-off the clientele.

Toxin Released... Kate drops to the ground suddenly at the gala. She's been exposed to biotoxin. Several of the others at the party are feeling various degrees of illness and some aren't ill at all. They are put in different parts of the hospital. Sick ones here, Well one there. In the midst of all this there is a fire. The well people who are being quarantined are cut-off, can't get out and no one can get into them. So the are unaccounted for for about a week after the fire. Tracy and Lulu are with Robin and Sonny before the fire. Then they get separated. Later on Tracy and Lulu are rescued but no sign of Robin and Sonny. They are unaccounted for. Leyla is unaccounted for. MOnica is unaccounted for. Trevor dies.

Emily is That you??? Monica thinks Emily has come for her. Nik is shocked.

Jolu... Lulu and Matt share a close moment that leaves Lulu uneasy. Johnny finds Lulu but doesn't like what he sees.

Spinelli, I love you!... Maxie realizes what her relationship is with Spinelli, It's love.

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