Friday, January 9, 2009

Ratings & More From the Suds Report

Nielsen Ratings for Dec. 22-26, 2008

Total Viewers Previous Week Last Year
5,254,000 +30,000 -498,000
3,568,000 -257,000 -308,000
3,007,000 +199,000 +57,000
2,955,000 +155,000 -82,000
2,769,000 +85,000 -10,000
2,732,000 +42,000 -103,000
2,686,000 -218,000 -376,000
2,057,000 -119,000 -526,000

  • Steve Burton Received the Air Hog Award from Soap Opera Network
  • AMC came close to cancellation in 07 and 08. “ABC wanted to replace AMC with its timeslot competitor, DAYS had NBC and Sony not renewed the show,” says one insider. “When DAYS was renewed, ABC brought back Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams instead, in an effort to save AMC.” - SUDS Report


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Sami said...

I didn't trash anyone this is from another sight hense where it says

From Suds Report

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