Monday, January 26, 2009

Spoilers 1/26

Liason... When Jason hears that Liz is sick from the toxin he heads to her room but when he sees her with Lucky he leaves.

JaSam... Rumors state that Sam is involved in an accident with Earl (man with toxic balls in his stomach), and thats what brings Earl to General Hospital. Rumors say Nik hires Sam to look into Rebecca's past.

Scrubs... Patrick is going home when Earl comes into GH. Matt hits a ball when they start to operate and the toxin is released. Monica, Liz, Leyla, Matt, and Dr. Andy are all in the OR. The gas from the OR is also rumored to start a fire. Pat will remove the remainder of the balls in his stomach. Rebecca will end up stealing one of the balls as stated before that she will be on the bad guys team. When people start dropping like flies she may regret the side she has chosen.

SoLiv... Sonny starts to wonder what it is that Olivia is hiding and does some investigating.

Claudia... Kate gets sick from the toxin before she can tell Sonny the truth. Claudia may tell who shot Kate, but can't get the words out before she falls ill aswell. Claudia is said to one up Kate and blackmail her into keeping her mouth shut.

Leyla? One rumor I've heard said she will just be in a vegatative state.

L&L... Luke decides a visit to France is in order.


  • Equinox arranged to have their own truck hijacked
  • It's all about the patent.
  • Rebecca isn't what she seems and she has ties to Equinox. Ties that she is beginning to question. That is why she lifts the bio-toxin.
  • "SHOCKING NEWS!!!. In a coupe for CBS, Bob Guza will be leaving GH taking over the reigns of Y&R as Head Writer and EP. Say's CBS Daytime President Barbara Bloom, "We are thrilled Bob is joining our dynamic team and look forward to his bringing his leading edge storytelling techniques to our network."" Insider
  • Ted King is back as Lorenzo Alcazar since Prison Break is canceled as of April 2009
  • Olivia will have a contract role soon.

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