Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spoilers 1/27

*ahh it's just one of those days. Someone hit my car last night when it was on the street and took the side mirror off, and my dog locked me out of my car at 7Eleven lol.

JaSam... I'm hearing for once that Jason is not the hero. Jason realizes a toxic ball is missing. We won't be able to see who took the toxic ball the culprit is in a hazmat suit. Expect Sam and Earls car accident which should be today. Jason will be looking to find whose behind stealing the toxin, and Agent Rayner doesn't share all he knows with Jason. Sam asks Jason if he's jealous of Lucky and Liz's connection. Jason witnesses how close Lucky and Liz still are.

Matt... Matt feels guilty for cutting into the man and causing all of this.

Leyla... I'm hearing that Leyla will take a turn for the worse.

Maxie... Maxie could also be getting into an accident with Johnny. Johnny than takes Maxie to an abandoned garage and the two have a couple of drink and open up about there feelings. Maxie tries to console Matt.

Jolu... Tracy lashes out when she learns that Lulu is Ill. Johnny feels guilty when he learns that Lulu is stuck at the hospital. Lulu wants Nik to keep Johnny away from her.

Nik... Nik goes after Rebecca. Nadine is aggrivated when he chases after Rebecca.

S&C... Lots of talk that Sonny and Carly will be reunited. I'm hearing it will be a highly publisized love story about them coming together when Michael wakes up.

Scrubs... Patrick takes the blame for Matt. Patrick will be the hero at the hospital. Robin sends a message to Patrick. Robin will touch baby Emma and feel that she is burning up. Robin decides to take Emma to GH and leaves a message for Patrick. The blizzard has already started and Robin experiences car trouble. Rumors say that she will leave Emma to look for help. Robin will help move patients to Mercy hospital.

Claudia... Claudia is about to tell that her father can walk and that he shot Kate, but what happens to her? Claudia tries to look soft by helping Kate.

Carly... Carly will be fine. I'm hearing Carly will be wearing scrubs. The rumor is that they take away there clothes after the toxin is released. One rumor says Carly is in intensive care ( I think this is just a rumor)

  • Rumors say that many of our couples will be switching around.
  • Jax and Olivia find comfort in eachother.
  • Someone pregnant?

Skate...Kate collapses before she can tell that Claudia was behind Michael's shooting.

Benefit... The toxins leak through the vent into the boardroom where the benefit is being held. Everyone at the benefit is quarantined. Tracy gets sick after she is quarantined. I'm still hearing that there is a fire in the nurses station. Tracy, Liz, Kate, Claudia, Lulu and Monica get sick. Leyla, Andy, Trevor dies. Matt is temporarily ill but recovers quickly enough to help. Earl dies.

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