Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spoilers 1/28

**Hearing that spoilers are on major lockdown so what we have been getting may not even be true. FYI.

Alexis... Not much for Alexis she will share scenes with Mac and Diane.

Jolu... Johnny and Maxie finally get to the hospital where the learn that Lulu and Matt has disappeared.

Explosion?? I'm hearing rumors about two explosions where Sonny, Claudia, Lulu and Robin disappear.

M&M... Maxie sees a vulnerable side of Matt.

JaSam... Sam crashes her car and ends up at GH (I don't believe its anything serious) When Jason and Sam leave the hospital Jason learns about Sonny's 'death'.

Sonny... Kate and Carly refuse to believe that Sonny is really dead. Claudia risks her life for Sonny.

Trevor... Trevor and Anthony have one last conversation before Trevor dies and it opens up a whole new s/l. Ric vows not to think of his dad with Hate now that he is gone.

L&L2... Liz tells Lucky that she will never stop loving him and Lucky responds by saying he doesn't know how to stop.

Spin-win.. Spinelli and Winnifred share and alarming discovery about the 'fbi agent'

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