Friday, February 20, 2009

2/20 Spoilers

From daytimeconfidential

JaSam... I'm hearing Jason and Sam will turn romantic around May Sweeps. Jasam team up to find AZ which brings them to Florida but AZ will be in Sonny's living room. Jason confides in Sam tell her he hates running the mob.

Sason... Sonny and Jason strike a deal. Jason will give the business to Sonny aslong as he keeps Spinelli out of jail.

Slaudia... Az has Claudia with a gun pointed at her head. Sonny is worried about Claudia and determined to find her.

Maxie... Kate is impressed with Maxie after she goes to the Go Red Benefit and wants to make her the face of Crimson. Kate also offers to Pay Johnny as her date. In Maxie's dream sequence Johnny is the main mob man in town.

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