Monday, February 23, 2009

Spoilers 2/23 Updated @ 5est.

JaSam... Rumors say Sam moves into Jason's PH after she's arrested. Her PH is seized by the feds and she turns down Alexis' offer to move in to the Lakehouse. And the reason Sam is caught-- Jason and Sonny make a critical error in judgment. Alexis and Sam fight after Jason has to go to Diane to bail Sam out of major legal trouble. Jason tells Sam she was right about Jake from the beginning. Jason and Sam have the same dream, they make love.

Scrubs... Liz is forced to play mediator between Robin and Patrick. She takes Emma to her house at Patrick's insistence. Robin tells Patrick she feels relieved with Emma out of the house. Robin accepts more responsibility at work and accuses Patrick of being jealous when he asks her to think of Emma.

Kate... Kate sets a trap for Claudia that backfires. Sonny figures out it was Kate. Kate goes to Carly with information about Claudia's connection to Michael's shooting to tear Sonny and Claudia apart.

CarJax... Carly wants her and Jax to have a baby.

Necca... Nik digs deeper into Rebecca's past and finds her secret.

New Opening?? I'm hearing Sam is right after Jason who is after Sonny/Claudia. Lucky is with Elizabeth, Nikolas and Rebecca.

Rumblings from an "Insider" about Genie Francis

"Genie Francis and General Hospital are in very preliminary, hush-hush talks for her return to the show. Apparently the smashing numbers of her Hallmark movie-of-the-week have not gone unnoticed by ABC Disney higher ups, who after years of no serious offers for a permanent return have opened up the gate. Word is talks are fragile, with bruised egos on both sides of the fence in need of mending. Could go either way."




Anonymous said...

Thanks....hope its true!!

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I love Jason and Sam!

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please tell me this is true......cuz tnat will be missing with my emotion right now so it better be true.