Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spoilers 2/11

Dream Sequence... Maxie has a dream where she is B.J. and learns what PC would be like if Maxie didn't receive the heart transplant. B.J. is with Matt and Carly and Patrick are married but cheat on one another. Robin wasn't able to cope after Stone died, and lives a loveless life. Mac is an alcoholic.

CarJax.. .I'm hearing Carly and Jax have a love scene coming up.

Slaudia... Sonny and Claudia hit the sheets. Ric notices a close moment between the two when Sonny and Claudia share a nice evening together. Don't forget Claudia is holding something over Kate's head to keep her mouth shut.

Rate... Ric and Kate team up.

Maxie... Maxie and Johnny decide it's better if one of them moves out. Maxie goes to Kate for a raise so she can move out of the apartment.

Scrubs... Robin feels that she has gotten her PPD under control and feels comfortable holding Emma again. Patrick is the hero at the hospital. Patrick is reunited with his family at home. Robin becomes nervous again and asks Patrick to feed Emma when she starts to cry.

JaSam... Rumors say Sam will be hanging off a ledge of a building and it is Jason who saves her. Jason is the odd man out. Rumors say JaSam and Winnifred bring Agent Raynor down for his unlawful ways. Sam witnesses Lucky and Liz kiss.

Necca... Nik starts a search party to look for Rebecca. Rebecca gets a restraining order against Nik.

LuSam... Lucky and Sam decide they want different things in life.

Johnny... Johnny has a secret and I don't think it's the secret involving Michael. Could it be that he knows that Trevor is his dad? Maxie is said to figure it out and so is Spinelli.


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