Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tristan Rogers Addressing Rumors

From DaytimeConfidential c/0 Tristan Roger's Blog

"There’s a story/rumor circulating on GH right now that I have beenaware of
because it was brought to my attention courtesy of you folkwho post on my site
. And under most circumstances I would have left
itat that. However, as this one crossed the desk of my manager, and mymanager is
generally “out to lunch” when it comes to things like thisthat alone qualified
it for some attention.
I am referring to the storyline/rumor on GH
concerningEthan/Holly/Robert baby/child/whatever. From my position I have
noinvestment in this at all……currently. So I am looking at this fromacross the
street, so to speak.
What if it is RnH’s child? What kind of possibilities
does this open up? I mean it could have happened……right?
Let’s take it a step
further. What if it’s Luke’s kid and not mine?
The coma baby situation now
starts to make some sense.
I think this is an excellent situation where the
fans should have a say in how it pans out.
Whose child do you want it to
I will say that there is “interesting plausibility” if you suspendreality
for a bit. If you move the characters around what might beunfolding is certainly
possible. Maybe even intriguing. At this stage Iknow nothing of this involving
Robert. "

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