Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spoilers 2/4

Jason... Jason goes to see a very sick Monica. Sam asks Jason if she should adopt a child. Sam is reminded of the life she wanted with Jason when she seems him helping a mother in need.

Go Red! Johnny will accompany Maxie to the Go Red event. An what exactly did happen yesterday did they do the deed?

Jolu/Spixie... Ok, so I'm hearing there are conflicting rumors one says that Johnny fesses up while the other says that is Maxie that delivers the heart breaking news to Lulu. Other rumors say that Nik is there to help Lulu and pays the rest of her rent. Spinelli is said to go missing, Winifred goes to the Feds for help, but they apparently don't care about the man that helped him which strongly upsets the priestess. Johnny and Maxie try to forget that they almost gave into each other but can't. Matt and Lulu kiss, Maxie sees and tells Johnny. Lulu takes notice in Maxie and Johnny's new "friendship" Spinelli punches Johnny.

Trevor... Rumors say that Sonny will be the one to send Trevor over the edge, so to speak. Sonny and Ric share a moment of reflection, and honesty after Trevor dies. Trevor leaves Ric with some serious power.

Slaudia... Claudia blackmails Kate and Olivia. Sonny agrees to stay married to Claudia, and Kate is heartbroken.

Carjax... Carly and Jax decide they shouldn't waste anymore time.

Ethan... A rumor says that Luke helps Ethan move into the Q's. Ethan runs into to Sonny.

L&L2... I'm hearing that Liz makes Lucky promise her that he'll take care of the boys if she dies. Isn't this a duh? When Lucky brings Liz to the roof to evacuate they share a passionate kiss, which Sam sees. Lucky stays behind to help. Sam and Lucky talk and decide their relationship has run its course.

Necca... If anyone has a better name for them please let me know. They will actually have somewhat of a conversation by Mid February. Rebecca accuses Nik of stalking her. Nik tells Lucky and Liz about Rebecca.

Scrubs... Patrick sees Lainey when he can't cope with the loss of all the victims.

Claudia...Ric is done with Claudia, he warns Sonny to watch his back.

Anthony... Anthony wants revenge on Sonny, Claudia, Jason, and Ric. Sonny has a plan for Anthony.

Carly...Carly tells Edward that Michael won't ever wake up. Carly starts to be pulled back in towards Sonny.

Leyla... Her fiance wants to build a foundation in Leyla's name, Patrick agrees to help.

Rumors I'm not so sure about:
  • ASJ Returning
  • Jason kills Ric
  • The emergence of Dante could cause some rivalry between Michael and Dante for the family business.
  • Panic room returning. Ric loses it and Sam goes missing.
  • Sebastian Roche is back this summer.
  • Olivia is pregnant


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