Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spoilers 2/5

Loved JaSam yesterday, please oh please give me more

CarJax.... Olivia and Carly get into a fight over Jax. Carly and Jax can't keep their paws off eachother. Carly is worried for Jax's life. Carly finds herself in trouble while trying to escape the flames.

Sason... Sonny and Jason work together to find Anthony. Sonny is nervous after he learns that AZ has the sphere. Sonny doesn't take the threats from the feds as serious as he should.

Carson... Carson's bond comes into play while trying to escape.

Slaudia... Sonny protects his wife. Claudia tries to find the DVD, but Olivia destroys it.

Spinelli... Spinelli is rumored to find out what the Feds are up to, they plan on giving the spheres back to Equinox.

Jolu... Johnny won't like it when the roles are reversed and Lulu is with Ethan. Maxie and Johnny's escapade inspires her to make a move on her own.

Rexis... Ric and Alexis share a heart to heart. Rumors say the girls are sent away to boarding school, and will be returning sometime in the summer as teens.

JoMax... Johnny is determined to save Maxie.

Trevor... Sonny tells Ric Trevor is dead. Ric inherits the docks and with that he gains a lot of power. AZ is out for blood. Ric and Claudia have a major falling out. Rumors of plans that Ric and Kate work together to break the bond that is forming between Sonny/Claudia. Trevor gets control of the sphere and plans to release it over the edge of the hospital. Trevor makes his exit 2/16 after a struggle to the death with Sonny.

Ethan.... Ethan reveals that he is from a family the Spencers new a long time ago. Ethan gets into a fight with Nik, after he hits on Rebecca and gets maced.

Scrubs... Robin acknowledges her PPD and takes medical measures.

LuSam... Lucky and Sam part ways, its a friendly ending.


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