Friday, February 6, 2009

Spoilers 2/6

Slaudia... Sonny has sex with Claudia after they escape the fire. Kate than witnesses Claudia in Sonny's arms and plans revenge by telling Sonny about the shooting.

Ethan... I'm hearing lulu overhears Ethan's secret and helps him keep it. Rumor says that Olivia goes to Jake's and all most bumps into Ethan.

The Red Ball... I'm hearing that the model that was suppose to wear the Crimson dress to The Go Red Event can't go, so Maxie steps in.

Carson... I'm hearing the roof collapses and Carly and Sonny are trapped together.

CarJax... Jax goes missing after he tries to land the helicopter on the roof of the hospital.


  • Children are getting sorased for the teen scene this summer.

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