Monday, February 9, 2009

Spoilers 2/9

The Hospital... I'm hearing we won't see much of the hospital until it is rebuilt.

Carson... Rumors say that Sonny will be torn between Carly and Claudia when Michael awakens. Carly and Sonny are trapped and are the last to be evacuated. Trevor has the ball, and Carly tells Sonny.

Sam... She'll have dramatically increased air time. Sam chases Trevor up on top of the roof.

Rebecca... Rebecca crushes Nik but turning down his advances.

Maxie... Maxie goes back to her roots when she sees Spinelli and Winifred becoming closer. Maxie and Lulu come to the decision that Maxie needs to replace the model who was suppose to wear the red dress. Maxie finds Spinelli in the supply closet and Johnny finds her just as an explosion occurs he then carries her out to safety while Spinelli is still inside.

CarJax... Love Scene coming, and they won't be able to stay away from each other. Carly starts to get Nervous when she realises how close Jax and Olivia are.

Jax... Jax flies in for the rescue and lands the helicopter to evacuate the hospital. The helicopter goes down, and Carly panics and goes looking for him. Sonny is scared Carly will do something dumb and goes after her.

Dante... Patrick and Olivia discuss Dante, Carly overhears. Olivia can't get a hold of Dante who is at Princeton, and apparently Patrick went there so she is looking for help in checking in on her son.

Olivia... Olivia and Kate disagree about Carly and Claudia.

Jason.. Jason does the hero work and Saves Claudia from Trevor and Rebecca.

Rebecca... Rebecca takes a liking to Matt, which upsets Nik. Rebecca is unconscious and Liz is shocked by what she sees.

Ethan...Luke is amused by Ethan and Lulu.

L&L2... GV and BH won't have much of a story beside the happy couple and becoming closer and JaSam witnessing. I'm hearing L&L2 have two kisses coming up. One is passionate in which Sam sees after the explosion and one that JaSam witnesses. Lucky and Liz make a commitment.

JaSam.. Jason starts to rely on Sam more and more.

Slaudia... Sonny chooses Claudia over Kate. Carly saves Claudia.

Jolu... Ethan Saves Lulu, and Johnny gets possessive. Lulu and Tracy try to evacuate the hospital but Lulu refuses to leave Tracy's side, they stay together throughout the whole ordeal until they are rescued. Johnny is determined not to lose Lulu to Ethan, when Lulu is gone Ethan and Johnny have a face off. Lulu stays away from Johnny after she finds out what happened. Maxie thinks Lulu is cheating with Ethan. Johnny and Lulu get back together but she knows Ethan's secret and is investigating him. Johnny is torn between Lulu and Maxie.

Spixie... Spinelli sends Maxie back to Johnny.


  • GH is looking for a Room on location in their budget for a Lulu and Ethan on the run story line this May.
  • Johnny is Trevor's Son and Ric gets a new brother to hate.


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