Monday, March 23, 2009

3/23 Spoilers

*First off, there seems to be a lot of crazy rumors out there so don't take anything as a guarantee.

Finola Hughes... Rumors say Anna will be back this summer and will mix it up with Holly.

Anna... Rumor Holly finds out that Anna knew that Ethan was Robert and Holly's.

Holly... Rumor Holly will scam Patrick at the bar, she will get him drunk, sleep with him, and then blackmail him. Ethan is also involved, and there is a videotape as proof. Rumors say that Holly has an idea about Sam's dad.

Scrubs... Liz suggests Patrick take Emma out of Robin's care. Robin agrees to treatment.
Rumor I don't quite believe this at all but one rumor says that Patrick falls for Liz and has to choose between her and Robin. (I doubt this is the case, I hear that Scrubs is safe) Another Rumor is that Patrick and Emma start to be dependent on Liz, and when Robin returns Emma doesn't take to her well because of the love Liz has been giving. Rumors say Patrick will kiss Liz. He is seeking comfort. She immediately pulls away. She tells him acting out and kissing her isn't going to make the hurt he feels due to Robin's actions go away, and not to do anything that he can't take back. He apologizes. She forgives him but lets him know that she is a friend to both he and Robin.

Brad... Will we see more of Brad?? According to Rumors Robin spends more time with Brad with her separation from Patrick. Robin tells Brad about creating Nancy. Robin and Patrick are apart but agree not to see other people, but neither trust each other because both Brad and Liz are in the shadows.

CarJax...Carly finds Jax and Olivia arguing.

Sason..Sonny gets back to business and gives Jason an order, take out a man we believe is Anthony's spy. We will Soon start to hear how guilty Sonny is for what happened to Michael, he will vow to do better for Kristina, and Morgan and then we meet the new Kristina.

JaSam... When Jason's wire fails, Rayner arrests him in exchange for Sonny. Spin, Winifred, and Sam team up to save Jason.
Rumors say It will be a slow build and will happen before July. Jason will see Liz in an unfavorable light and Jason and Sam reconnect physically shortly after. 4/6 Sam begins her new career.

Alexis... Troubled Kristina, brings more Alexis scenes. She is going to blame Sonny for the pain that Kristina feels. Kristina will voice to Michael that she has always been an afterthought for her dad, and she has never mattered to him.

Carson... Carly and Sonny will share a scene about everything they cost Michael.

Ethan... 4/3 Ethan Lulu Kiss.

Jolu... 4/6 Lulu breaks up with Johnny.

Slaudia... 4/7 Claudia learns that Jax knows the secret. 4/10 Sonny wonders why Claudia is running scared.

Rumor... Mark Teschner asked Lisa Peluso to come in and read for the part of Claudia's mom.


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