Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Alexis... Alexis tells Sam she's proud of her new business and they bond.

Spixie... Maxie isn't happy when Spin works with Winnifred.

Rebecca... Rebecca is touched by Nik's love for Emily. Rebecca meets up with Helena. Rebecca is working for Helena but falling for Nik.

Lunacy... Holly's appearance doesn't make Tracy happy.

Michael... Quote from Insider "Michael wakes up. Carly, Sonny and Jason are surprised when they face Michael's anger. Carly fights to re connect with her son. As Jason admits his guilt and attempts to keep his distance. The Quartermaines will quickly step in and offer Michael a safe haven.
Sonny confronts Claudia, Johnny and Kate. Carly and Jax hit a dead end when truths come to light."

Kate... Kate will let Olivia's secret out and Sonny and Michael meet Dante.

JaSam... Jason goes to Sam for help on what to do with Michael, Sam encourages him to talk to Michael.

CarJax... Carly looks for comfort after finding that Jax kept the secret from her, and she's on the opposite side of Michael's rage.


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