Thursday, March 5, 2009

3/5 Spoilers

*Rumors say Constance Towers (Helena) will be back in April - SID

Slaudia...Claudia is rumored to fake a pregnancy. Carly tells Sonny that Claudia is in love with him. Claudia deals with Kate Zacchara style.

Scrubs... I don't really know what this means so heavy rumor "Robin keeps the attempted rape to herself out of guilt" Patrick digs to find out her Secrets. Robin flirts with Brad (played by Tony Daly) Mac realises Robin has a problem.

Spixie... Maxie loves Spinelli but she can't keep ruining her happiness for him. Maxie threatens Spinelli with sleeping with Johnny. Maxie gets a car ride from Jeff Burton.

Rebecca... Rebecca has a secret meeting.

L&L2... Liz begins to see Lucky in a new light.

JaSam... I'm hearing that Spinelli is the one that kills the man that is potentially Rayner. Sam takes the heat for the kill. Alexis begins to worry about Sam. Lucky arrests Sam on the 18th and Sam confesses the 20th.

Interesting Rumors:
One woman is desperate enough to fake a pregnancy to save her life.

One woman is desperate enough to abandon her family to save her life.

One woman is desperate enough to accept help from her ex to save her life

Liason/Jasam/LL2 fans. GH has decided to take a break from these couples. So don't get too excited over their scenes. No romance anytime soon.


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