Friday, March 6, 2009

Spoilers 3/6 Updated at 5 est.

According to Daytime Confidential the contract status' and jobs may be on the line for Megan Ward (Kate), Rebecca Herbst (Liz), Greg Vaughn (Lucky), Leslie Charleson (Monica), and Ric Hearst (Ric). Megan Ward is said to be being let go. Rebecca Herbst may also be going recurring. Nathan Parsons (Ethan) is said to of gotten a long term contract.

Quote From
Insider " Rebecca Herbst and Greg Vaughan's jobs are intact, but Megan Ward is indeed out. Sources say several overly paid actors are refusing to take pay cuts, Anthony Geary, Maurice Benard, and Steve Burton could've helped save a few people's jobs, but they threw a fit (especially Anthony Geary who will be vacationing soon).To show how hard up General Hospital is for money, they are searching for new enemies to take on the Corinthos Mob Organization. A new Mob family arrives in Port Charles just to prove Sonny Corinthos never dies."

I've read that the contract actors being let go is Ric Hearst, Claire Coffee, and Megan Ward. Greg Vaughn, Rebecca Herbst, and Lisa Lo Cicero will be recurring.

My Sam McCall, Kelly Monaco fans, I'm hearing she is safe. She had to promise to sign for another year in order to get time off for PeepShow.

On To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Robin makes friends with a handsome man at the bar. Robin joins a PPD discussion group.

Slaudia... Kate threatens to expose Claudia. Kate has news for Claudia. Sonny likes the way Claudia thinks. Ric pulls the rug out from under Claudia. Claudia manages to get out of Michael's room before Carly sees.

CarJax... Carly decides to do the treatment. Jax receives shocking news. Carly is at comfort knowing Jax loves her and the boys. Carly and Jax decide to renew their vows.

FBI... Alexis holds Spinelli and Winnifred's fate in her hand. Rayner pressures Jason.

Spixie...When Maxie learns that Spinelli is leaving the country she declares her love for him.

Who Has Secrets??? Ric has a secret or two he's willing to share.


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